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Some of the Mobile Legends Heroes that Look OP are in Fact Easy to Beat

Did you know that the following three Mobile Legends heroes look very op and terrible even though they are ordinary, who are these heroes?

Several heroes in Mobile Legends seem to have op abilities and are difficult to counter, even though in fact these heroes are easy to beat.

Players often exaggerate these heroes when in reality they are mediocre, not too op, don't even deserve to be included in the banned list in rank.

Related to that, here are 3 Mobile Legends heroes who look op, even though they're just normal!


The average Mobile Legends player thinks that all new heroes are op and terrible, including Joy. But the fact is Joy is not op, she's just normal.

Joy is easily countered by many heroes, the gameplay is just like that, the damage isn't as painful as people think, and she's really easy to beat.


Next is Wanwan, for those who still don't want Wanwan to stop doing that. Banned Wanwan is the most ridiculous thing in Mobile Legends.

This MM hero is just normal, it's easy to counter and there are lots of counters, even the ultimate can be canceled with WON or Winter items, so what's the ban on Wanwan for?


Finally, there is Martis, since he was buffed some time ago, Martis has immediately become the prima donna of Mobile Legends players.

Even now, this one fighter hero is still being fought over by players and even becoming a tire subscriber. In fact, this is no longer necessary.

Martis was hit by a nerf some time ago which made him no longer as op as he used to be, so why ban him? It's easy to counter Martis now.

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