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Free Fire Presents New Hero Patch in November !

Ahead of Heroes' Day in November, Garena Free Fire will immediately launch a new update via the 'Heroes' Patch ( Patch OB42), on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Along with this update, a series of new things are coming with the aim of providing a more interesting experience while increasing the enthusiasm of Survivors in playing Free Fire!

Guilds experience a refresh with lots of new things!

Survivors will find many fresh things in this patch update, especially on the guild page.

Players will find it easier to search or join the guild they want, thanks to the interface optimization on the guild page.

Apart from that, Garena Free Fire also presents many new features to provide a better experience for each player. The first feature players will encounter is Activity Points.

New guild system. (Garena)

This feature allows Survivors to get Guild Tokens and exchange them for exclusive prizes in the Guild Store, just by playing with their guild members.

Special in this patch, Survivors can also participate in Guild Wars every week. Guild War is a Battle Royale tournament feature between Guilds in Free Fire with various exclusive prizes for the winners.

The ranking in each Guild will be updated based on the Guild War ranking achieved. Survivors can also get the Guild Glory title from the results of their battles in the Guild War.

Apart from that, Survivors will also find a Guild Leaderboard to monitor the best guilds from each province, a new Guild logo profile, and a Guild Emblem.

A Series of New Things in Battle Royale Mode

Survivors will also discover many new things when playing Battle Royale mode, starting from changes to Falco's pet skills, new FF Coin mechanics, to loadout adjustments.

Changes to Pet Falco's Skills

Falco has undergone a skill change which this time makes the user much safer when returning to the battlefield after revival.

Armed with the Skyline Spree skill, Falco minimizes the possibility of the user being hit by enemy fire when in parachute mode.

The Falco skill replaces the previous skill, namely increasing descent speed when parachuting.

Meanwhile, the descent speed of all players when parachuting will increase, just like when they used the Falco pet before the OB42 patch.

The Acceleration button and Open button when in parachute mode will also disappear, and there will be a Jumpmaster marker while the player is still in the waiting cabin.

New Free  Fire Coin Mechanism

Players will find it easier to get FF Coins thanks to the Coin Machines in several fixed locations on each map.

When one of the squad members accesses the Coin Machine, each squad member will automatically get 200 FF Coins.

Each squad can use the same Coin Machine once and can use Coin Machines that have been used by other squads.

Players can also get 100 FF Coins when they successfully finish off an enemy. When eliminated, the FF Coins that fall from the player are only 40% of the total number of Coins owned.

When resurrected, players will get 30% of the number of Coins previously owned, with a maximum amount of 300 FF Coins.

Loadout Adjustments: New Loadout, Pocket Market

Pocket Market, which replaces the Scan loadout, is a new loadout that can be used in Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes.

Players will be much more flexible in purchasing items, without needing to visit a Vending Machine when using Pocket Market in Battle Royale mode.

Meanwhile, when used in Clash Squad mode, Pocket Market allows players to purchase equipment outside of the purchase phase.

In each of these modes, players will get 2 Pocket Markets at the start of the Battle Royale game and 3 Pocket Markets in Clash Squad mode.

Apart from presenting a new loadout, Garena Free Fire is also reworking Airdrop Aid and Bounty.

A series of new items will increase your enthusiasm for playing!

Several new items are also present to provide an even more exciting playing experience for Survivors, consisting of 2 new items of the Device type (Active Skill Card and Portal Go), Gloo Maker Accessories (Gloo Catalyst, Gloo Box, and Tough Gloo), Mini Turret, and Heal UAV-Lite.

Garena Free Fire combines the presence of these items for a certain duration, starting from October 31 2023 to December 31 2023.

Players can find these new items in Vending Machines scattered across the battlefield.

New Character: Ignis, Lord of Fire!

Garena Free Fire also introduced a new character named Ignis. This character will make players' adventures on the battlefield even more diverse.

Ignis is equipped with the Flame Mirage skill, which makes him able to create a curtain of fire 10m wide for 8 seconds.

Enemies who come into contact with Ignis' curtain of fire will receive 30 DMG damage, and a burning effect every second that deals 10 DMG damage while reducing armor resistance by 10% which lasts for 2 seconds. This Ignis skill will also damage the Gloo Wall by 400 DMG for 1 second.

Garena Free Fire also optimizes 3 predecessor characters such as A124, Skyler, and Tatsuya, which allows all three to use skills when jumping. Several characters will also get reworked skills, such as Nikita, Joseph, Jai, and Suzy.

Players will find other interesting things in this update, such as the effects before the Gloo Wall is destroyed, Multiplayer voice channels on Social Island, the Bermuda map covered in snow until the water surface freezes, as well as adjustments to weapon abilities which will be available starting October 31, 2023.

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