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3 Heroes You Must Ban in Mobile Legends after the new 2023 patch

The new patch arrived last Tuesday, March 21, 2023, after the Mobile Legends patch it turns out that there are 3 heroes that you must ban.

You can see through the Rank leaderboard in Mobile Legends right away for a complete list, here we will explain further why you must ban these three heroes.

Hero Ban Mobile Legends

Here, there is a direct list of the highest rank, namely Mythical Glory, where at that rank you can be sure that the players are good at it and there are also pro players.

Arlott – 89,82%

Not buffed or nerfed, but Arlott is still annoying and you must ban it for now. In the right hands, this hero is very agile and annoying, especially his CC from Final Slash (Ultimate) which can damage formations.

From this Ultimate, Arlott can produce many combos with other heroes on the team.

Faramis – 82,81%

Even though he was nerfed in the previous 2 patches, this hero is still a pain. Mythical Glory certainly contains a lot of team and party 5 players, of course, their cohesiveness is strong and Faramis is a suitable hero, can be played as a midlaner or roamer which makes him the key to teamfight.

So, for now, you still have to ban Faramis, Spinners.

Joy – 77,79%

Joy's tire ratio hasn't decreased despite adjustments that feel more like a nerf to her. Because there is still a shield that you can get from skill 2, not to mention there is an additional movement speed when the Ultimate is released.

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