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How to counter Lesley without Using Specific Items

You should know that there are several ways you can counter Lesley without using certain items, how do you do that?

Trouble against Lesley but don't want to ban her? Don't worry, there's a way to fight Lesley without using items, without even getting banned.

Lesley is the most feared marksman in the current season of Mobile Legends, the damage she has is no joke, besides that her mobility is also very good as a marksman.

Therefore, many have difficulty fighting him, but SPIN Esports here will provide a way to counter Lesley without having to use certain items or ban them.

Counter With Heroes

The most common first tip is to use certain heroes, there are many counter-heroes for Lesley that you can find, but the most effective ones are Saber and Beatrix.

Keep Gangking Lesley

Then the second tip is to keep on ganking Lesley until her movements are limited. Don't give Lesley farming or getting assists or even kills.

Don't give Lesley an objective turret and so on, the point is during the early game of tanks, junglers or midlaners you have to gang up on Lesley.

Quick play

Against Lesley, playing fast is the best solution, if you can, you have to end your opponent in the 15th minute or so.

Because in those minutes Lesley's abilities were still nothing, it was easy for you to counter, the damage was still small, compared to when she entered the late game.

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