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3 Current Meta Heroes Required to Ban in Rank Mythic Mobile Legends

You should know that the following are the top 3 heroes that must be banned in the Mythic Mobile Legends rank, they are terrible heroes in the current meta.

Your rank reached Mythic? If so, then surely you won't be surprised anymore by the heroes who must be banned at that rank.

Who would have thought that heroes who have to be banned from Mythic rank are the same as heroes who have to be banned from Legend rank and below, who are the heroes? Here are the top 3 hero bans that must be banned in Mythic rank.


There are many Lesley counters that can be found easily, but this one hero must still be banned. The reason is only one because if Lesley is good at finding gold, then her items will be made quickly and even make the game difficult.

As a result, the players prefer to just ban it rather than having to bother thinking about ways to fight it.


Then there is Leomord, even though there are many ways to counter Leomord, players in Mythic rank still respect Leomord.

They don't want to bother, so it's better to just ban Leomord than have to worry about the counter.


Finally, there is Martis, if you have reached Mythic then the hero whose law is very obligatory to be banned is Martis.

It's too difficult to beat Martis in in-game even with certain heroes, Martis can still mess up his opponent's defenses easily.

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