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M4 Mobile Legends Team List, Schedule, Results and other Information

Mobile Legends' highest event, the M4 World Championship will finally begin in the near future by competing for 16 of the best teams from all over the world.

Unfortunately, it is certain that several teams from Eastern Europe will not participate after previously being represented by Deus Vult in the M1 and M2 events and Natus Vincere in the M3.

Meanwhile, it is certain that the Indonesian team will still be represented by the same two teams that previously competed in the M3 Mobile Legends World Championship, namely ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi.

M4 Mobile Legends itself will compete for a prize pool of US$ 800 thousand or Rp. 12.5 billion.

Then who is the best team that managed to claim the championship throne? Therefore, here is the complete schedule, format and match results and other information that you need to know about the 2023 M4 Mobile Legends World Championship.

M4 Mobile Legends Team List

ONIC Esports

RRQ Hoshi

Blacklist International

ECHO Esports

Team HAQ



Falcon Esports

Burn x Team Flash

MDH Esports

S11 Gaming Argentina

Malvinas Gaming

RRQ Akira

Occupy Thrones

Incendio Supremacy

The Valley

MDH Esports

M4 Mobile Legends World Championship Schedule 2022

Later the M4 MLBB World Championship will be divided into three phases starting from the group phase, the knockout phase to the grand final.

Timeline of the M4 World Championship

1. Group Phase: 1-4 January 2023

2. Knockout Phase: 7-14 January 2023

3. M4 Grand Final: January 15, 2023

M4 World Championship format

The participants who compete will be divided into 4 groups with 4 teams each and will play matches in the BO1 format.

In the group phase, no team will fall with the 8 best teams ranked 1st and 2nd will fill the upper bracket and 3rd and 4th places will fill the lower bracket in the knockout or playoff phase.

M4 knockouts

If previously in the group phase the BO1 format was played, entering the knockout phase each match will play a different format with the BO5 format being played by each team in the upper bracket and the BO3 format for lower bracket matches except for the semifinals and lower bracket final.

M4 Mobile Legends Grand Finals

Meanwhile, the grand final match will still play the same format as the BO7 format where the team competing in the match must find 4 points to win.

How to Watch

All M4 Mobile Legends World Championship matches will certainly be held offline which will take place at the MPL Arena for the group phase and Istora Senayan in the knockout phase.

For those of you who can't come directly to the venue, you can watch the entire series of matches which will be broadcast on the following official M4 Mobile Legend platforms:



So, that's all the complete information about the schedule, format, standings and how to watch the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship.

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