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These 3 Heroes Get the Rising Mobile Legends Buff in November 2022

Meet the three heroes Mobile Legends fears in November 2022. These heroes can easily defeat their opponents. Having a rising or rising hero in Mobile Legends is the key to winning matches easily.

For that reason, here is a list of three heroes getting their buffs that can easily bring victory in Mobile Legends in November 2022.


Who didn't use Lesley after yesterday's revamp? Because this mm one hero is really different from before.

Currently, Lesley does extremely high damage and can even pierce acquired items with her attacks.Leslie is extremely difficult to stop, especially in the late game.


Then there's Leomord, despite having playable gameplay, and behind it all, you would have thought Leomord was so badass.

The resulting damage is huge and anyone can easily beat him, but be aware that as a jungler he should play Leomord.


Finally, there is Kaja. After the buff given by Moonton yesterday, the damage Kaja creates is pretty big. Kaja is really obligated to be picked again because his abilities are really bad.

As before, if you want to win easily, you should choose Kaja in your rank. Because this hero is really terrible.

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