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Reasons Why You Don't Underestimate Zilong Jungler in Mobile Legends

Never underestimate the mobile legend Zilong jungle. why? Here are some reasons why you should know!

Zilong jungler is usually found in the lower ranks of mobile legends. This meta is considered ineffective and players often think that players playing this meta are trolls.

This meta is very effective, but even in Mythic, this meta often encounters and slaughters enemies.

With that said, there's no reason to underestimate Jiron Jungler in Mobile Legends.

The counter that brings victory

The main reason is that Zilong is a counter to Mobile Legends' core heroes, and both Assassin, Marksman, or Mage heroes can easily be taken down by his Zilong.

While waiting for the opponent to become half-blooded, Shiryu appears with the second skill. The operation method is the same as Karina.

Effectively Defeat the Enemy

The effect of killing the opponent's core is very high, with only one combo of his skill, the opponent will die immediately until he is knocked down by his Zilong.

But playing Zilong can't go further. Zilong is a typical hero who has to wait for all of his opponent's skills to be used, especially his CC.

It was the only time Zilong came in and was able to single-handedly take down all the enemies in just a few seconds, his skill 2 is an enemy hero if he manages to take down one, the cooldown is There is none.

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