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The Latest and Greatest Bruno Mobile Legends Builds

Get the latest and greatest Bruno MLBB to build recommendations now! The MLBB x Nyemar Jr collaboration is coming soon. Bruno is the hero of choice as he is the only hero to use a soccer ball as a weapon.

If you are interested in collaboration skins, you can check them out immediately in the video below.

When it comes to new skins coming in, they're usually accompanied by pretty powerful buffs, making this hero very reliable in the existing meta.

For those who don't know, Bruno has an additional movement speed buff to skill 1 whenever he takes his passive bounce his ball.

This allows Bruno to easily catch up to his opponents while dealing great damage. So, for this change, here are Bruno MLBB's latest build items.

The latest and greatest Bruno MLBB builds

Of course, there are things that are made according to the situation, so it doesn't necessarily have to be.

However, it is his first three items after shoes that are very important in our opinion. The Berserker Fury item is the first option. In fact, Bruno is a hero who relies on crits instead of playing with attack speed, so his main weapon crits reduce his damage.

Then there are endless battles, which have a lot of advantages, especially since they deal real damage. In addition to the physical penetration damage given by Malefic Roar, it does more damage.

Well, the last two items have a ton of options, such as Despair's Blade for even more damage and increased movement speed. 

The Demon Hunter Sword is extremely useful for knocking out tank heroes. Helps... Then there's the natural wind when fighting heroes with high-speed marksman attacks.

Apart from that, you can also use Scarlett his Phantom as an attack speed item option to keep up with the attack speed of marksman heroes in the same lane. It can also make immortality safe if it proves to be under pressure.

These are our recommendations for the latest and greatest Bruno MLBB build items at the moment.

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