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Tricks to Play Super Sus Dementor, Impostor that Can Possess Corpses

The Dementor Super Sus is one of the roles that is currently being heavily debated by many players. That's because this role is his new Impostor role coming out in November. Of course, many players are curious about what this Dementor role is like.

If you go into the role of the imposter, it's certainly the role of the Dementors killing the Space Crew later on. The question is, what are the special abilities of this one role?

So, this time we will talk about what is the role of the Dementor in and how to play it. Interested in a discussion? Take a look at the full review below.

What is Super Sus Dimensionor?

As I said earlier, the Dementor is a new role for the Imposters. The Dementor's own main task is to kill all his Space crew until they are exhausted. Dementors can then win the game.

This Dementor has a special power that smells mysterious, just like the Conjurer. If the conjurer can kill the player through a curse. Dementors can then kill the player, even if the player himself is dead.

The trick is to own the corpse of a dead Space Crew. While in her dead Spacecrew's body, the Dementor has another chance to kill.

Skill Dimension Super Suspension

In addition to the special skills we've discussed so far, this dementor has several skills in-game. We've prepared a list here for you to find all his skills.

  • Elimination of all players

The first skill is a skill commonly possessed by cheaters. Dementors are tasked with eliminating all space crews on board to win.

  • can carry a corpse

This Dementor's special ability is the ability to possess the corpses of dead Space Crew members. Therefore, if eliminated by a Space Crew, it can possess the eliminated Space Crew's body when it becomes a spirit.

Once eliminated, you cannot leave the game. Find the corpse killed by your crook friend and enter the corpse. Miraculously you come back to life. The name of this skill is Rinne Tensei or Rinne Tensei in Indonesian.

  • Enemy subjugation after reincarnation

The next special ability of this Dementor role is that the Dementor can eliminate his opponent once after a successful resurrection. Of course, this is a very good advantage for you in your role as a Dementor.

Tip Main dimensioner Super suspension

To play Dementor you need some hints to make the game easier. Below are some tips you can use when acting as a Dementor in the game.

  1. Don't get caught if you are a game dementor or cheater.
  2. Maintain your demeanor during games and meetings to avoid being suspected by scammers.
  3. Don't die first.
  4. If you die, the impostor's friend must be understood by eliminating one enemy in order to be able to possess the Dementor.
  5. After successfully reviving, don't forget to kill one of the players again.

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