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Tricks to Make it Easy to Win Blackjack in Super Sus

Blackjack Super Sus is one of the favorite roles for many players. The reason is that in this role he has special abilities other than killing the Space crew. Yes, Blackjack allows him to kill the Space crew during a meeting. Of course, with this ability, this roll-in poster is very popular.

Of course, you cannot play randomly when playing this blackjack role. The special abilities of this role are useless if you don't know how to use them.

Well, in this interview, we will explain how to make it easier to win blackjack with Super Sus. What are the tips? Take a look at the full review below.

SuperSus role types

Before discussing more tips for playing blackjack, let's first discuss the types of roles in Super Sus. There are a total of three main roles in the Super Sus game: Space crew, Impostor, and Neutral.

The Space crew section has a total of 16 roles: Scout, Major, Trapper, Security, Grinch, King of Time, Veteran, Agent, Seer, Guardian, Hacker, Doctor, Engineer, Detective, Drainer, Sheriff, and Space crew.

Meanwhile, the Imposter section has Flashbang, Buttyhunter, Blackjack, Janitor, Conjuror, Spy, Chameleon, Spy, Vigier, Undertaker, and Imposter. Finally, there's the Neutral Section, which consists of the Arsonist, Phantom, Survivor, Hypnotist, and Joker.

What is Super Sus Blackjack?

Blackjack's main task is the same as any other impostor role, which is to kill the Space Crew. The difference is that Blackjack is given an extra skill and can kill opposing players by simply guessing their role when the Spacecrews are holding a meeting.

The guesses we give must be correct. Otherwise, we ourselves will be eliminated. At each meeting, you will have the opportunity to guess the Spacecrew's role.

In order to be able to use this blackjack role, he must purchase 17899 cookies and 999 golden star roles in the shop beforehand. You can also buy blackjack cards in the shop. This makes him ten times more likely to be selected as blackjack in-game.

Tricks Main Blackjack Super Sus

  1. Don't be hasty at the start of the game, explore the Space crew role in greater depth. A wrong guess can cause you to lose at the beginning of the game.
  2. As a cheater, you can't make players suspect you. You must be able to maintain your demeanor as if you weren't a fraud. That way it's easier to eliminate his Space crew in secret.
  3. Don't focus too much on killing your opponent all the time. You can take advantage of Blackjack's special ability to kill your opponent during a meeting. Thus maximizing your blackjack ability.
  4. interfere frequently. Mainly oxygen interference and reactor room, and electricity. Frequent sabotage allows you to pay attention to space crew movements and infer their role.
  5. Don't believe what other players say. Don't fall for other players' tricks when guessing a player's role. The reason is that there are players who leak their roles. But it was a hoax. You should be able to guess for yourself without believing what other players say.
  6. Learn all the roles of Super Sus. Therefore, paying attention to in-game behavior makes it easier to guess the role of other third-his players.
  7. Do not panic. Don't panic if you meet other players while killing the Space crew. Stay calm and provide information that will convince other players that you are not an impostor.

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