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Build the Strongest Zilong Hero 2022, Skill 1 Enemy Dies Immediately

One of the fighter heroes with significant disease damage, Zilong can easily destroy enemy towers using his Ultimate Skill. Not only that, but Zilong is also very good as a juggler or kidnapping enemy heroes such as Marksman or Mage.

However, Zilong is categorized as a fighter hero that is very easy to defeat, but this hero has burst damage and a very high attack speed, which makes this hero very deadly. beginner use.

Well, to make your hero sicker, of course, you need to use proper build placement.

Zilong Skill Description

passive skill

  • Zilong passive skill

Every 3 basic attacks, the next attack deals an additional 150% of basic attack damage and restores some HP.

skill 1

  • Spear Flip

Skill 1 Shiryu lifts the opponent. This skill deals 250 damage and adds 80% of all physical attacks. This skill also stuns enemies.

skill 2

  • Spear Strike

Skill 2 Shiryu charges the enemy, dealing 250 damage and 60% of his physical attack power, reducing the enemy's physical defense. Killing an enemy hero resets this skill's cooldown to its original state.

Skill Ultimate

  • Supreme Warrior

Zilong's Ultimate Skill increases running speed by 40%, and attack speed by 45%, and is immune to all cloud control effects for 7.5 seconds.

Zilong Build Recommendations

1. Warrior Boots


Added +22 Armor and +40 Movement Speed.

Has a passive that increases physical defense by 5 when receiving an opponent's normal attack.

2. Wind Talker


+40% Attack Speed, +20 Movement Speed, and +10% Critical Increase his chance

Every 3-5 seconds, his next basic attack creates a typhoon, hitting up to 3 enemy targets and causing him to deal 362 magic damage.

3. Berserker's Fury


Adds +65 Physical Attack Power and 25% Critical Chance.

Passive can add 40% of his critical damage and 5% of his physical attack.

4. Endless battle


Adds +65 Physical Attack, +5 Mana Regen, +250 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Movement SPD, +10% Physical Lifesteal.

Your next basic attack deals 60% more True damage than your physical attack lasting 3 seconds and your hero's movement speed is increased by 10% if the passive is active.

5. Scarlet Phantom


Adds +30 Physical Attack, +20% Attack Speed, and +25 Critical Chance.

Passive increases attack speed by 30% and critical rate by 5% for 2 seconds.

6. Blade of Despair


Increases +160 physical attack power and +5% movement speed.

Passive: Increases physical attack power by 25% when HP is below 50%.

Hopefully, this Silong Sick 2022 Build Recommendation matches your gameplay and pushes rank spirit!!

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