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How to Play Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy 2022

How to Play Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy 1.5, Aida Cafe requires us to cook and serve customers. In this event, which has a limited menu, of course, special ingredients are also needed, so you must buy them at the Banges food store or other areas. The more recipes we open, the more there will be.

How to Play Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy 1.5

This customer has his own favorite food, for example, there is a word smelling peanuts, it could be that his favorite food is similar to peanut butter or the like. The important thing is to try to add 5 dishes plus dessert so that the points we get are bigger, so we summarize the details.

Aida Cafe Tips :

Open the recipe menu as much as possible

Buy cooking and farm ingredients as much as possible

Create a menu of Soup, Dessert, Drinks, etc

That way we can give food to customers faster

Hadiah Aida Cafe

50 - 1500 points to get all the prizes, Red Nucleus, and some cool prizes available at Aida Cafe. The main key is to see the clues given by customers so that the recipes we make fit on their tongues and the points we get are bigger. For details, see the video below.

How to Play Aida Cafe Tower Of Fantasy 1.5

Recommended Menu For All Characters

1. Claudia Cobalt B Cocoriter Tsubasa

2. Huma Crow Meryl King's Recommended Menu

3. Hilda Pepper Enne Echo's Recommended Menu

4. Samir Shiro Zero Bai Ling's Recommended Menu

So each of these characters has a favorite food, this yaps are marked with a peanut menu model or so on. What is clear is that you multiply the ingredients and drinks to get pretty cool prizes so that we get more points.

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