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Banges Tower Of Fantasy Viewpoint Locations

Well friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of all locations of Banges Tower Of Fantasy Viewpoints . Tower of Fantasy is one of the most awaited games for release in 2022. 

Those who have played Genshin Impact will definitely feel quite familiar, but this Tower of Fantasy game also has its own uniqueness.

Banges Tower Of Fantasy Viewpoint Location

The point of view of Banges has the most location points compared to other areas. So you are ready to get more rewards. Here are 6 Banges Tower Of Fantasy Viewpoints:

Shelter View Point

The first is in the Banges Shelter in the southeast, it's a neat little settlement where you can get all sorts of items like supply pods. The location of the Banges Shelter Viewpoint is on a large rock to the north of the shelter with coordinates -139.0, 881.7.

The Maen Viewpoint

The next point is south of Mount Woochu , east of the broken highway above the plateau, walk until you reach The Maen Banges Viewpoint with coordinates -114.2, 679.1.

Banges View Point The Maen

To the north of Mount Woochu and east of Banges Dock there will be a large gray structure jutting out of the mountains if you open the map, the Banges Farm Viewpoint is above at the end with coordinates -9.3, 421.6.

Banges Dock View Point

As you follow the highway and stay on it, the next viewing point is to the east of Banges Dock. Keep walking at the end of the bridge until you reach the Banges Dock Viewpoint with coordinates -157.7, 309.1.

Banges Tech Viewpoint

On the north side of the dock, on a wooden platform with a beautiful sea view, here is the Banges Tech Viewpoint with coordinates -314.3, 191.5.

Viewpoint of Signal Station Ruins

The last sight point on the list is north of the Signal Station Ruins and northwest of Banges Factories. The position of the Viewpoint of the Signal Station Ruins is at the end of the cliff with coordinates -680.5, -2.5.

Viewpoint of Banges Signal Station Ruin

Congratulations you have now completed all Banges Tower Of Fantasy Viewpoints!

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What is Tower of Fantasy

Set on the planet Aida in the hundreds of years in the distant future, the Open World RPG ToF with an anime-inspired sci-fi adventure, Game Tower of Fantasy from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, will be available for PC and Android as well as iOS globally in 2020. 2022.

Tower of Fantasy games has a variety of characters for you to use, each with their own unique weapons and approach to combat. Thus, regardless of what conditions you face, you have the opportunity to fight to be a winner. You can also team up with other travelers, so you don't have to explore this mysterious world alone.


That's the information about Tower Of Fantasy, the Banges Viewpoint on this occasion. Hopefully the article is useful for all of you. Let's continue playing!

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