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These are the 5 Strongest META Heroes 2022

Are you still stuck at Epic rank? Just calm down! Because in this article, we want to tell you a recommendation for the strongest META hero in Mobile Legends Season 25.

So for those of you who want to get out of the Epic tier, you can really use these heroes at push rank in Mobile Legends .

Recommended Strongest META Hero Season 25

1. Julian

The first recommendation for the strongest META hero is Julian. This Hero Fighter is very strong and flexible. Julian can be used in various lanes, ranging from Jungler, Mid Lane, or even EXP Lane.

That's what makes this hero often contested by players in the game. So if your team has the opportunity to get Julian's hero, don't ever waste it!

2. Xavier

The next strongest META hero recommendation is Xavier. As one of the strongest Mage heroes in Mobile Legends , Xavier has very great abilities.

This hero has high high ground defense and sick damage thanks to his passive skill. Especially if it is supported by the hurt Xavier build , it will make the attack even more deadly.

3. Beatrix

Beatrix is ​​the next hero that you can use when you want to push rank in Mobile Legends. Beatrix's advantage over other Marksman heroes is the combination of weapons she has.

With this combination of weapons, Beatrix can be adapted to all conditions in the game. You can get this hero by exchanging a number of Battle Points or Diamonds, so make sure you've done a Mobile Legends diamond top up first.

4. Karina

The next best META hero recommendation is Karina. Since META Tank became popular, Karina has become one of the heroes who dominate the game.

Especially if you use the Karina Tank build , it will make Karina difficult to beat by the opponent. Well, you can use this hero in the Jungler position, because thanks to the skills she has, Karina can rotate and farm quickly.

5. Ling

Besides Karina, Ling is another very strong Assassin hero in this META. This hero has agile mobility and very deadly damage.

Even so, Ling himself was quite difficult to use. You must first know the tips for using Ling so that you can use it to its full potential.

Well, those are some of the strongest META heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use in the game. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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