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Causes and How to Overcome Loading Stuck in Mobile Legends

Besides Lag, one of the most annoying things when playing Mobile Legends is when it gets stuck on the Loading Screen. There are several things that can cause long loading when playing Mobile Legends.

Well, on this occasion, we want to tell you some tips to overcome loading stuck in Mobile Legends. So, for those of you who are experiencing it, just read this article to the end!

Causes and How to Overcome Loading Stuck in Mobile Legends

1. Check Your Internet Connection!

One of the causes of long loading when trying to log into Mobile Legends is an internet connection. If the internet network you are using has a problem, it can cause you to be stuck on the loading screen of Mobile Legends.

Well, to overcome this, you can first check the internet network that you are using. You can also check first whether you have enough internet quota or not before logging into Mobile Legends.

2. There is an Update on Mobile Legends

As one of the best MOBA games today, Mobile Legends of course regularly updates so that the player experience in the game is more enjoyable.

Well, sometimes when there is an update in the game, some players will not be able to log into the game and get stuck on the loading screen.

To overcome this, you can wait a while until the update process in the game is complete.

3. Server Down

The Mobile Legends server that is down can also be the cause of the loading stuck when logging in to the game.

Server down can be caused by many players who are logging in at the same time or indeed there are problems on the Mobile Legends server. To fix this, you just have to be patient until the server returns to normal.

Well, those are some of the causes of long loading when logging in to Mobile Legends and how to overcome them.

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