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Best Hours to Push Rank Mobile Legends 2022

One of the most annoying things when Solo Ranking Mobile Legends is meeting troll players or those who play incorrectly.

Well, in order not to meet players like that, this time we will discuss some of the best push rank hours for those of you who like to play Solo Rank Mobile Legends. So, for those of you who want to know, just read this article until it's finished!

Best Hours to Push Rank Mobile Legends

1. 12 p.m. and above

The best hour recommendation for push rank in Mobile Legends is 12 pm and above. Guaranteed, you will not meet players who play trolls.

Because usually the troll players who are usually carried out by "kids" are already sleeping at those hours.

Even so, the risk, if you play at this hour, is to meet a good player or even a jockey.

2. 7 AM

7 am is the next best hour recommendation for those of you who want to do push rank. Usually at this hour, many troll players went to school.

Even so, that doesn't mean you won't meet players who are annoying to play, huh. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you master the best jungler heroes so that you can carry the team to victory.

3. 9 to 11 pm

The next best hour for Solo Rank in Mobile Legends is 9 to 11 pm. Although there is no guarantee that you will not meet troll players, there is a guarantee that you will meet other solo players who really intend to play.

Well, if you've met players who you feel you can work with, you can invite them to have a party.

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