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Avoid The Following Mistakes When Draft Pick Mobile Legends

When you push rank and have entered the Epic tier, you will enter the Draft Pick phase when playing Ranked Mode. So this Draft Pick is a system where you can ban and pick which can benefit your team.

Even so, it turns out that there are still many players who make mistakes when drafting Mobile Legends. The result will of course have an effect on the outcome of the match later.

Well, to overcome this, this time we want to tell you some mistakes when drafting Mobile Legends that you should avoid.

Avoid The Following Mistakes When Draft Pick Mobile Legends

1. Not Using First Pick

The first mistake that Mobile Legends players often make when Draft Pick is not taking advantage of the First Pick opportunity.

Many players ignore META heroes or even ban META heroes when their team gets a First Pick opportunity.

If you get a First Pick, then you have to maximize that opportunity to get a hero who is META.

If your heroes are limited, then you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first to be able to buy the heroes you want.

2. Ban Friends' Favorite Hero

The next mistake that is often made when doing Draft Pick Mobile Legends is to ban a friend's favorite hero.

This habit is usually found at Legend rank and below. The player intentionally bans a teammate's favorite hero, which of course can affect the performance of your teammates.

It's still better if your teammates still want to play even if they don't use their favorite heroes, but if they don't have the desire to play, they might AFK and of course be a loss for you and your team.

3. It's selfish to choose a hero

Selfish at the time of hero selection is also a mistake that you must avoid when Draft Pick in Mobile Legends. For example, one of your teammates has requested to use the Marksman hero, then you don't use the Marksman hero again.

It's better to give up than having to fight with team members who can cause defeat while playing. Don't worry, even if you don't get your target hero, there are still many strongest heroes to push rank this season.

4. No Counter Hero Opponents

Counter Pick is one of the things that Mobile Legends players often ignore. Whereas by doing a counter pick, it will make it easier for you and other team members to limit the movement of the opponent's hero.

Therefore, when doing a Draft Pick make sure you choose a hero according to the counter for the opponent's hero so that you can win the game easily.

Well, those are some mistakes to avoid when drafting picks in Mobile Legends. Please apply in the game yes!

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