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The Best Marksman Hero That's Hard to Catch in Mobile Legends

Marksman is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who have extraordinary abilities. Hero Marksman is usually equipped with sick damage and can be a mainstay when it enters the late game.

Because that's what makes Marksman heroes often targeted by opponents, especially since most Marksman heroes don't have a good enough Escape skill.

But different from most other Marksman heroes, the following Marksman heroes have unique abilities that make them difficult to catch by the enemy. Want to know who? Just read this article to the end!

The Best Marksman Hero That's Hard to Catch

1. Miya

Miya is the first Marksman hero who has a great ability to escape. Miya has the Hidden Moonlight skill (Skill 3) which will make her remove the Crowd Control effect and disappear from the map for a while.

With the ability he has, Miya can easily escape from the opponent's ambush or can even be used to attack the opponent secretly.

Especially if you use the sick Miya build in Mobile Legends, it will be easy for you to finish off your opponent.


Talking about Marksman heroes who are hard to catch, Wanwan is definitely one of them.

This hero has a passive skill called Tiger Pace which allows him to jump every time he uses Basic Attack.

With this ability, Wanwan can move swiftly to avoid the opponent's attack. Even the opponent will also find it difficult to catch the opponent because he has the Needles in Flowers skill that can erase all Crowd Control effects received by him.

3. Hanabi

Hanabi is the next strongest Marksman hero who has great abilities to be difficult to catch by opponents.

Hanabi is equipped with a passive skill called Ninjutsu: Equinox which allows her to produce Shield if her HP is full and increase her Lifesteal effect.

The shield also makes Hanabi immune to the opponent's Crowd Control effects. Even though he doesn't have the skill to escape, thanks to this passive skill, Hanabi is hard to beat.

4. Claude

The next Marksman hero recommendation that is hard to catch is Claude. Claude has a skill called Battle Mirror Image which allows him to move places with Dexter.

Moreover, this skill can be used several times with a fairly short time duration. With this skill, Claude can easily go in and out of the battle area to finish off the opponent.

If you don't have this hero yet, then you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get Claude you need to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds.

5. Nathan

Nathan is the next Marksman hero who is very difficult to catch. Nathan is equipped with the Interference skill! which allows him to push opponents who try to get close to him.

Nathan is also equipped with the ultimate skill called Entropy? which makes it produce Reverse-Clown that can attack the opponent according to Nathan's attack.

Nathan can also use this skill again to move places with his Reverse-Clone. That way, it will be difficult for the opponent to catch Nathan.

Well, those are some of the strongest Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends that are hard to catch. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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