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How To Use Skill 2 Abe Magic Chess, Can Trick The Enemy

Each Little Commander has 3 unique abilities that you can use according to how you play. One of the Little Commanders that you should consider is Abe. In the previous article, Abe was among the best Little Commanders in Magic Chess. 

This time we will discuss how to use Abe's 2nd skill in Magic Chess which can actually be used to trick the enemy.

Abe - Kungfu Expert

Abe can be said to be a small version of Akai. He is a panda who wears kung fu clothes and holds a bamboo. Abe is one of the Little Commanders ever  reworked by Moonton .

Skill 2 Like Magic Chess

Previously we had told about the three skills that Abe had. The three skills are

Skill 1 – Anger:

After winning a round, Abe will deal 4 additional  damage  to the enemy Little Commander,

Skill 2 – Attack & Defend:

Skill 2 Abe Little Tipu Musuh Attack & DefendAbe will get 20 shields  every time he deals a total of 50  damage. Shield  can be stacked   ,

Skill 3 – Panda Punch!:

After dealing damage  to 3 enemy Little Commanders, Abe's next attack will deal 23  extra damage.

Among the three skills he has, his Skill 2 is a slightly different skill. Compared to Skills 1 and 3 which only focus on damage , Abe's Skill 2 has 2 focuses, namely damage and defense in the form of 20 shields.

How to Use Skill 2 Abe

Actually there is no  mandatory guide to use this Little Commander 2 skill. You just have to play normally with a record that you have to win a few rounds. This is necessary so that Abe's 2nd skill is active.

When Abe attacks the enemy's Little Commander, there is a parameter located on the lower left side of the screen (  skill place ) which will later be filled. If the accumulated  damage that Abe has given is 50  damage , Abe will get  a shield that can absorb 20  damage from the enemy.

Can Trick the Enemy

When you activate the shield from Abe's 2nd skill, no enemy will know unless you click on  your chessboard . On  the scoreboard in the right corner, the enemy can only see your remaining HP. So maybe when the enemy is happy to be able to eliminate you, you don't die because of the  shield  that can absorb  enemy damage  . That's your chance to deceive the enemy.

Surgery Skill 2 Abe

How much can Abe collect  shields ? This answer may be quite difficult because there are so many  in-game factors such as the hero you get, the opponent's hero, and so on. But from the results of experience and from various sources, at most Abe can collect up to 80 Shields. To be able to get  that much shield , it means that you have to collect 200 damage from attacking the enemy. That's a bit difficult.

But when compared to other Little Commanders, Abe's Skill 2 is worth it compared to Little Commander Mavis's skills. In the description, Mavis only regenerates HP. This means that the Mavis skill is useless when the player's blood is still full (Skill 1 and 3) or doesn't give enough additional HP if it doesn't do a lot of damage (Skill 2). As for Abe, because the nature of the skill is in the form of a shield and can be stacked , Abe can receive more total damage even though his blood is still 100. Interestingly, Abe's skill has no cooldown and is always active during the game.

Conclusion: Is Abe's 2nd Skill Worth It?

The answer is worth it. Abe's 2nd skill is very  worth it or worth the result. Although the other two skills focus on additional damage , this Abe skill can also be very good. However, in our opinion, this skill is too dependent on the accumulation of damage which is also a drawback because there must be strong  hero support in order to be able to  inflict great damage as well.

With that conclusion, we don't make Abe's Skill 2 our recommendation on the 6 Best Little Commanders .

That's a brief summary and how to use Abe's 2nd Skill that can deceive your opponent. Are you interested in trying it?

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