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How To Use Skill 3 Tharz, The Most OverPower Little Commander In Magic Chess

1 year ago, Magic Chess released a new Little Commander named Tharz. Just like other Little Commanders, Tharz has 3 skills that you can use. However, lately, Tharz is considered the most OP Little Commander ( Overpower ) with his 3rd Skill. Here are the reasons and how to use Skill 3 Tharz in Magic Chess

Tharz, Little Commander OverPower di Magic Chess

Tharz is the 17th Little Commander in Magic Chess. He is described as a ball of gray-black fur with many canines. According to Fandom Magic Chess, Tharz has similarities with Thamuz, one of the Offlaner heroes from Mobile Legends.

Skill Tharz

Of the 3 skills Tharz has, Skill 3 - Feast is the most OP ( overpowered ) skill because it can copy the heroes we already have.

Skill 1 – Devil’s Might:

Tharz gives heroes the status of  Devil's Might but can't make the heroes reach star-level  3.   Devil's Might gives additional HP status of 10%, Attack 10%, and Skill damage  >7%.

Skill 2 – Gluttony:

Tharz eats a level-star 1  hero and gives 1 random hero of the same quality (as we have) in the next round. ( Cooldown 4 Rounds ).

Skill 3 – Feast:

Skill 3 Tharz Little Commander paling OPTharz goes into gluttony mode, eats the shop, but randomly gets 3  heroes on the chessboard at the start of each round. This skill cannot be used until Tharz reaches level 8. Heroes who have reached star-level 3 will not get additional heroes.

How to Play Skill 3 Tharz

#1 For those of you who want to play Tharz, the first task is to see a suitable and fast synergy in the early rounds. There are many synergy options that you can use such as Swordsman, Assassin, and Mage.

#2 Take advantage of Choice of Fate to get other synergies or high-quality heroes. As explained above, when we reach level 8, Tharz will eat shop. This means that we cannot access the shop to buy heroes with other synergies. In addition,  the chance to get the highest quality hero at level 8 is still small.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skill 3 Tharz


  • The chance to get a hero with star-level 3 is very large.
  • Focus on the  heroes you already have

Lack of

  • Can't access  the shop
  • Can't get Gold
  • Stuck at level 8 with max. 8  heroes

Wrong choice of Hero or synergy at the beginning of the round = Failed.

In terms of the strength of heroes, Tharz is very helpful to speed up players to get heroes with  star-level 3 . However, in terms of accessibility (getting heroes, changing synergies using shop ), Gold, and capacity are very risky. The only chance to get a new hero is a  choice of fate .

That's how to use Tharz, the most OP Little Commander in Magic Chess. It can be seen from the advantages and disadvantages, Skill 3 Tharz is very useful for those of you who like to play fast and have understood Magic Chess. Even though it is very Overpowered, the shortcomings of the 3 Tharz skill are very difficult. For those of you who find it a bit difficult to use it, don't worry because we have summarized the 6 Best Little Commanders that you can consider.

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