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5 Battle Spell Hero Floryn Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even with the presence of 5 Battle Spell Hero Floryn Mobile Legends (ML), it will help players to survive longer. Giving good help if you compete, because it can provide additional power from things like this.

Especially for Hero Floryn, who we hit in the Mobile Legends game, it turns out that he has very good fighting skills. As support, it will help the team in dealing with an enemy very easily, because Floryn's heal and CC are quite annoying.

But still understand the Tips for Using Hero Floryn Mobile Legends right now, so that you don't have trouble using it. Because considering this is a Hero with an attack that lacks damage when it comes to helping the Team, it's really good in battle.

So we also need to pair 5 Battle Spell Hero Floryn Mobile Legends (ML), which will make Floryn even more balanced. It will not reduce your playing ability when you fight against enemies, because the Spell Hero will really help us against the enemy.

Battle Spell Hero Floryn Mobile Legends (ML)


This first Battle Spell is Flicker, this Floryn ability you really have to be able to take care of and you have to play it safe. That's why Spell Flicker will really help, when surrounded by enemies you can still escape quickly using the Spell.

Especially if you want to quickly join a war, you can direct this spell to the team to be in position. Use and Spam your skills, so that Floryn's attack can give a Heal Effect to Friends and a CC to annoying enemies.


Because the Skill is full of Heal or CC, then Floryn can use the Aegis Spell to help friends around as well. Because this Spell will give Shield to friends if they are very close to all of us.

So Aegis is a suitable spell for Floryn, even in terms of War battles, which are very easy. For Esports, I suggest that you understand how to use the Aegis Mobile Legends Spell, so you don't get lost or be in a hurry.


The next Spell for Floryn is Revitalize because this Spell ability is able to provide Healing to a large area. But only in the Circle, only then can you receive the Heal the same as being in Base.

Floryn's Healing skill will also increase its Heal limit because it is in this Spell Area even when it's war. It's really good that Floryn Support uses Revitalize, later you won't be bothered by enemies that attack continuously.


Then if this is, I still often use Flameshot on Floryn, so it's half Support and Half Mage to fight enemies. But we don't really recommend this Spell, because it's not really suitable, so you have to be careful when using the Spell with Floryn.

While doing War, you may be able to direct this Spell at a dying enemy. So that those who try to escape can be hit by the Flameshot Spell Effect and then lose with a final attack like this.


Maybe your Floryn uses Build Support but Full to the tank too, therefore use Vengeance for a stronger defense. Already advanced in War, hit by enemy Kroyok and we can just use the Spell to protect ourselves from enemy attacks.

If you take out Vengeance like this on time, enemy damage will return to them very easily and quickly. But pay attention to the time of use too, so that the enemy does not give too much damage to you.

After knowing 5 Battle Spell Hero Floryn Mobile Legends (ML), then Floryn will become stronger with Spells like this. It's just you who use it very well, so as not to make a mistake when using it in a match.

Then really understand the Floryn Mobile Legends Combo Hero, so that later you can carry out strong joint attacks. Because as a support and can give CC area as well, then Floryn is indeed something that is good for us to use during war.

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