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How to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates which are very exciting for us to play right now. Then there is a Way to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire (FF), you can immediately have a gift like this. Because with the presence of the Gloo Wall, players can add other collections from here.

Seeing the development of new events that are already present on Free Fire, you can also receive a lot of very good total prizes. If we complete the latest mission from this event, we can receive various things to become additional collections on the account. But must be able to complete each challenging mission which is quite a lot.

Because of the Booyah Adha Free Fire Event Schedule, there are many main and side missions that we can indeed accept. Completing the mission will certainly have many prizes too, so we immediately have the main prize which is very profitable.

Then the appearance of How to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire (FF), you won't have a hard time getting a gift like that. His own appearance in the event is only enough to play, so indeed from here it is enough that the mission won't take too long.

How to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire (FF)

Login Game Free Fire

Gloo wall Haven Guardian is present in the latest Booyah Adha 2022 mission, you have to log in to the Free Fire game if you want to have it. This event will take place on 9-10 July 2022, so make sure you don't miss the mission and anything related to this event.

Select the Event Tab and Search for Celebrate Eid Adha

Then then you can enter the Event Tab first, then we can look for Celebrate Eid Adha. So this is actually Peak Day because on that date we Muslims have celebrated Eid al-Adha. So Peak Day is reasonable on that day.

Play 120 Minutes to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian

Then next we can start playing for 120 minutes, so we can get this new Gloo Wall Haven Guardian. My Esports directs me to play for that long because there are still various other missions with decent prizes besides the Gloo Wall.

Do It In Battleroyale Mode

Because Battleroyale Mode is included for a fairly long time, of course, Esportsku recommends that you play from here. The problem with those of you who use Battleroyale Mode like that now takes more than 10 minutes. Then to win or lose, it doesn't matter.

Gloo Wall Weaponry Entrance Prize

Immediately you have the gift, then Gloo Wall Haven Guardian enters the Weaponry Feature right now. Because the prize itself is a defense weapon type, so you guys have to be ready to use it and start playing it now.

You have to know how to do this right now so that later we can add to the Gloo Wall collection which will definitely be cooler. Moreover, Gloo Wall Haven Guardian itself has a symbol of strength, from here the opponent will definitely not be easy to face because of such absolute power.

Moreover, using the Bundle Haven Warrior Free Fire, it will definitely provide unbeatable resistance at. Because with the bundled theme and the same logo wall skin like this, we won't have any more difficulties when using it later.

After knowing how to get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire (FF), you can just try the process that already exists now. Because indeed with things like this, the right position will be a big addition to collecting Gloo wall Skins like that right now.

Then really understand the Tips for Using Gloo Wall Free Fire , so that you will have no difficulty in facing an enemy. The problem is that the characters they use can be Gloo Wall destroyers, so it's even longer when competing, just use Tips like that properly.

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