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5 Ways to Get Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to try right now. Even with the presence of How to Get Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire (FF), players can try to get the item right away. Since it appears in a special event, it must have something like that.

There are quite a number of events that can provide fairly new prizes now, which will give you something more interesting. Because of the presence of such an event, it will be something easy for you to try now. The emergence of a new event like this now will be very easy.

Especially after seeing the Booyah Adha 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, we can receive very many prizes from here now. The prizes that appear in this event are covered with a new mission that is very challenging for us to complete.

Just like we tried How to Get Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire (FF), it turns out that the process is pretty good. If you play diligently, prizes like this can go directly into your account very quickly and we can use them immediately.

How to Get Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire (FF)

Login Game Free Fire Dulu

We have to log in to the Free Fire game first, so we can start getting this latest Burning Flap Loot Box now. So it's clear, isn't it, if the Event date is from 1-12 July 2022, you can immediately play and finish the Event.

Tab Event dan Exchange Store Eid Adha

Then go to the Events tab and start looking in the existing Eid Adha Exchange Store section. That way, those of you who already understand this now, of course this will make it easier for you to Burn Flap Loot Box.

Collect 8 Cow Tokens to Get Burning Flap Loot Box

Soon we can collect the 8 Cow Tokens to start getting this Burning Flap Loot Box now. It's really easy to collect Free Fire Cow Tokens now, so we can open the main prize right now.

Do it if you collect a lot of tokens

My advice from Esports is that you do this exchange if there are a lot of Tokens because there are still other prizes that we need to exchange. So aside from this prize, first, achieve the most important thing, then when it's time you can just exchange it.

Vault Feature Login Reward

If you have received the gift, then check the vault feature to receive the newest Burning Flap Loot Box. Because of this new prize, we will be able to use it immediately in a match when we kill an enemy.

You can immediately see that Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire is easy to use, so make sure not to miss it. This gift is currently Free, so we can use it as something quite cheap, so make sure you don't miss an opportunity like that.

Then there is also How to Get the Desert Free Fire Heatbound Bundle, as the latest special gift from this Event now. Collect Tokens and start getting cool prizes like this now so that the characters you use look even cooler.

After knowing How to Get Burning Flap Loot Box Free Fire (FF), you can immediately own it and complete the conditions. Is a new gift that is so cool, we can soon have a gift like this very easily.

Especially by trying How to Get Gloo Wall Haven Guardian Free Fire , it will be something that is quite easy. Complete the mission now, so that you can receive every present that has appeared at this time.

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