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5 Ways to Get the Hypercore Rose Free Fire Bundle

Free Fire will release more updates and cool features that you will experience. Then there is a way to get the Hypercore Rose Free Fire (FF) Bundle, you can immediately play this in an existing event. If you are diligent in completing missions at the event, you will receive a large discount.

There are many new events that appear in the Free Fire game, challenging missions that you must complete right now. All of these prizes are indeed very attractive, so you can have the prizes right away. Moreover, the missions that we have completed can be a very good playing experience.

Also complete various missions in the Booyah Adha 2022 Free Fire Event, because you will soon be able to have such attractive prizes. The prizes that we have successfully completed and received will immediately enter as good items that will give you various other cool prizes.

Then the emergence of a Way to Get Hypercore Rose Free Fire (FF) Bundle, we can immediately have this cool gift. It's fairly easy to have it, because this latest bundle won't be expensive if you finish it very quickly

How to Get the Hypercore Rose Free Fire (FF) Bundle

1. Login Free Fire

To be able to get the Hypercore Rose Bundle, you must first log in to the Free Fire game right now. This event will appear in a large Discount Event, even appearing from the upcoming 1 – 12 July 2022.

2. Open the Event Tab and select the Diamond Gold Shop

Then we can open the Event Tab section right now, so we can choose Diamond Gold Shop Free Fire . This event finally appeared in Booyah Adha 2022, so you will soon have a new prize like this.

3. Complete the Mission For Diamond Gold First

Now you can find out how to get DM Gold Free Fire , so you can finish the existing mission first. Well, if this mission is very easy, that's why you are diligent in playing or on missions, this event will not be difficult. Collect up to 2000 Yellow Dm, so it can be cheaper.

4. Choose Store to Get Hypercore Rose Free Fire Bundle

Then next we can go to the Store section, then we can press Buy on the existing Hypercore Rose Free Fire Bundle. Because you have collected 2000 Yellow DMs, this price will be reduced by up to 90% from the initial 1500 Dm, at most, it will only be 10 Dm.

5. Hypercore Rose Bundle in Vault

If you have received this bundle now, then check the Vault section to use the Hypercore Rose Bundle. It will look even cooler when you pair it with the female character who is often used in matches.

Events with prizes like this are really cool, you have to know and don't miss it all. Because the Hypercore Rose Bundle itself has cool colors, especially Pink, which has a future Cyborg Theme, so things like this are indeed balanced.

Then for How to Get the Hypercore Blues Free Fire Bundle, it will definitely make you one of the right partners. The thing is that you can immediately have a cooler main prize, it will bring the right pair of bundles.

After you know how to get the Hypercore Rose Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it means that you have to have this main prize right away. If you really want to have the main prize, if you really want to have the bundle with the theme of easily messing with the enemy.

Moreover, using a Free Fire Vector Hypercore Skin prize will make the character stronger. Being a Bundle that matches the main prize like this, can provide a stronger picture when facing many enemies.

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