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Functions Of Mobile Legends Match Result Medal 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Then find out the 5 Functions of the Mobile Legends Match Result Medal (ML), which will help players who are still confused. Because the Medal for the results of the match itself has certain elements when you finish the game.

Some updates that appear in Mobile Legends, it turns out that there are lots of latest updates for players to play too. Surely with those of you who have completed these various missions, it will make you a pretty good opportunity.

And there is also a Mobile Legends Skin Collector List because it has an extraordinary skin effect and appearance. When you use it, it will definitely give you great power when you are facing the enemy in the existing match.

Then you can understand the 5 Functions of the Mobile Legends Match Result Medal (ML), as a function that is quite important and very good. If indeed you don't know important things like this when you finish the match.

Mobile Legends Match Result Medal Function (ML)

Showing Potential Player

According to Esportsku itself, this Match Result Medal shows potential players in battle. So when you get a medal, of course, the numbers and medals will appear after all this happened.

For example, MVP or Gold means that your potential in that match is very clear. Have good teamwork, even able to face opponents or push with the team very well.

The Medal Function of Mobile Legends Match Results is a Condition That Occurs In The Game

Then you can see the condition of a player that occurs in the game through the medal, it is indeed much more visible in the number on the medal. If it's high, it means that their ability to Team Fight and others is very good.

Especially if you try How to Get MVP in Mobile Legends, things like this will affect Conditions too. Because you will understand what they did in that match, for example, the AFK Medal means doing nothing at all.

Give Free Gift

So if you get a medal after this match, you will immediately get a very good free gift. Of course, with those of you who will soon receive free gifts like this, it will indeed be a good opportunity for that.

Because the total points you get depends on the medal too, if Bronze means low, but if you get MVP automatically, you get it. If you know about this, it means that you also won't hesitate to play very well in dealing with enemies.

The function of the Medal of Mobile Legends Match Results is to Make Players Motivated

Maybe there are many players who every time compete in the Bronze to Bronze Medals, the name MVP is rare. Now, this medal also really motivates us, so we can also slowly raise the medal when you finish the match.

It's easy – it's easy, it's hard, depending on how the player plays, it will definitely be easy if you can do it well.

Calculating Total Statistics During Game

If you finish the match and receive this Medal now, you will see the Total Stats During the Game that we did. If it's good, then it won't make you confused anymore with what's happening right now.

Since you will also see how many points are present in Stats like this, it will be a good calculation for the game now.

After knowing the 5 Functions of Mobile Legends (ML) Match Result Medals, you won't be confused anymore with things like that now. Because indeed using a thing from Stats like this, it must feel really good.

Then there is also Tips for Good Mobile Legends that you should try, if you really want to have very good playing potential. With the right game and practice, doing all of this won't be difficult at all.

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