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Battle Spell Hero Claude Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try now. Even wearing 5 Battle Spell Hero Claude Mobile Legends (ML), will make the hero invincible. Because this Battle Spell, of course, makes Claude not easily defeated when he is competing.

Coming into the Mobile Legends game, Claude is a Hero Marksman who has an attacking partner named Dexter. We can't underestimate Claude's strength in dealing with so many enemies, especially when the build itself is completely finished.

Then understanding Tips for Using Hero Claude in Mobile Legends, will definitely help players understand the hero when competing. Especially in using Claude's hero, you really need good skills, because you have to play Passive and Skill very precisely.

To become stronger, use 5 Battle Spell Hero Claude Mobile Legends (ML), because it is very helpful. The problem is that there are several Spells that will indeed support Claude when facing a strong enemy and the use of Spells depends on Lana too.

Battle Spell Hero Claude Mobile Legends (ML)


Even though he already has the Blink Skill, there are still Claude players who use the Flicker Spell. Because they think this Flicker Spell is really good, especially with Combo Skill 2 and Spell, of course, it will really help in that battle.

Then if you really want to play Outplay using Claude, of course, you can because you use this Spell. For example, when you want to chase the enemy, let alone the ultimate position, you can use Skill 2 first to approach your opponent and ultimate + Flicker so you can't run away.


Then next is Spell Inspire, according to my Esports, this is OK especially when you want DPS or use Ultimate too. Because Inspire itself will make Claude have a high Attack Spell and also a fairly large Life Steal as well.

So Inspire itself is a deadly Spell for Marksman, depending on the position you use it as well. But mostly when Claude has Stack Max, many players use it with Basic or Ultimate attacks because the damage is quite high.


If this is Esports, I remind you, that if you want to be a Hyper in the Mobile Legends Team, then it is appropriate to use Retribution. Even the experience of using Claude with Retribution is also quite good, so we can have farming and level up even faster.

Retribution also has several options, depending on which one you really want to use. The problem is that it sees the condition of the enemy itself, so those of you who choose Retribution on Claude must be prepared to face a strong opponent.


Not a few players also use the Vengeance Spell on Claude, so that when attacking the enemy you can get additional damage. Of course, Spell Vengeance in Mobile Legends is indeed very strong, especially in a forward position, and receives many attacks from enemies.

This spell will inflict damage to the enemy if they attack while we are using this Spell. So if you are ready to do Ultimate, go to a lot of enemies and use Ultimate and Spell to deal damage to them all.


This spell will provide defense when facing the enemy, especially in the Ultimate position to survive stronger. Because Aegis will provide a Shield that attacks up to 1000 Damage, in order to maintain the Position of Claude very easily.

Then for the use of the Aegis Mobile Legends Spell, you must know this easily. Of course, when you advance alone using Ultimate, you can activate this Spell to easily protect yourself later.

After knowing 5 Battle Spell Hero Claude Mobile Legends (ML), it will not be too difficult in dealing with things like this. Because seeing the condition of the enemy team as well, spells like this will help your game to be like how it will be.

Especially for the Combo Hero Claude Mobile Legends, it will definitely feel very easy for you to try now. Hero Claude will indeed have a greater advantage if you play with a strong combo Hero like that.

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