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5 Ways to Get Border Avatar Gothic Curse Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very exciting for us to try. And there is a way to get a Gothic Curse Avatar Border in Mobile Legends (ML), you can easily have it. The Gothic-themed Border Avatar is now available for 3 Months.

The new updates that always appear in the Mobile Legends game are indeed exciting, they even provide lots of cool prizes. Then the emergence of the existing event will show us a variety of other new things for you to try now.

Then the presence of a Mobile Legends x Star Wars Collaboration becomes one of the opportunities to play in an event that will become even more exciting. Players must be able to complete this latest mission so that they can have the main prize which is definitely really cool.

Then the appearance of a Way to Get Gothic Curse Avatar Border in Mobile Legends (ML), those of you who like it can immediately try to have it. Presenting such a cool Border, the appearance of the account if you have used the gift can look even more different.

How to Get Border Avatar Gothic Curse Mobile Legends (ML)

Enter into Mobile Legends

In order to get the Gothic Curse Avatar Border, players must log in to Mobile Legends first. This event will last for 84 days, so you have plenty of time because the loss depends on the current Season Rank.

Choose the Diamond Logo and First Top Up Season 25

Then you can select the Diamond Logo first, then find a Category called Top Up First Season 25. So from here, there will be a Mission that is present for players to see, so they can easily have the Border avatar.

Any Top Up to Get Avatar Border

Then next we have to do any Top Up to get the Gothic Curse Avatar Border. Even with 3 Dm, you can have a Border Avatar-like this right now. It's pretty cheap, when else can you get a promo like this.

Receive and Check Into Profile

Now we can directly Accept and Check on the Profile section right now. So that you can immediately have an existing gift, it's really cool for you to use. You will even receive some items that have appeared like this.

Immediately Use And Show To Friends

If you like it then immediately use it as a Border which is so cool right now. And there is an appearance that has appeared now. Because indeed Use and Show to Friends if you really want. The shape of the Gothic Curse Border Avatar is really cool, and we can use it.

New events that appear in the Mobile Legends game, of course, will give pretty good prizes right now. If you really participate in the event, the problem is the latest Border Avatar so you can use it right now.

After seeing the Mobile Legends Rare Avatar Border, so you can easily collect them easily. Because there are several things that appear, it will be a very interesting additional collection for us to use.

After knowing How to Get a Gothic Curse Avatar Border in Mobile Legends (ML), you won't be confused by things like this. Because it's easy and limited if you really have the latest things that we can try to use.

Then you can try How to Get Selena Gothic Curse Skin in Mobile Legends, so you can have new gifts that already exist. If you really want to have a skin and border with the same theme, it would be cool for us to try it right now.

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