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5 Ways to Get Skin Pan Rave Skater Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. Of course, if there is a way to get the Pan Rave Skater Free Fire (FF) skin, you can immediately complete this mission. So that later players will receive the main prize now more easily. Because some new things that appear you can definitely use.

Then the emergence of several events that have appeared now, of course, will provide quite a lot of prizes. Because you can just finish all of this right away, the newest Free Fire mission has appeared. It can give quite a lot of gifts and can be another new collection.

Moreover, for the presence of a Free Fire 2022 Booyah Adha Event Schedule, from here we will give you many attractive prizes for you to complete. Everything is really pretty cool so that later you can immediately have the latest gifts. Because indeed the emergence of all these events with challenging missions, you can just finish them.

Including how to get the Pan Rave Skater Free Fire (FF) skin, it has an easy mission for us to complete. If you complete the mission, this main prize can be immediately received by the player very easily.

How to Get Skin Pan Rave Skater Free Fire (FF)

Enter the Free Fire Game

A very new Pan Rave Skater Skin prize now, make sure you have entered the Free Fire game first. Because the Mission appears from July 10-12, 2022, so that you have the opportunity to complete the Mission right now.

Open the Events Tab and look for Cumulative Save Teammate

Then after you are in this game now, so you can find a mission called Cumulative Save Teammate. Now, this is a very exciting event place, and you can immediately understand what the mission is like.

Save Friends to Get Pan Rave Skater Skin

If you save a friend for 7-10 times, then we can finish the Pan Rave Skater Skin right now. Because to save a teammate, means that one way is to Revive them several times. If it's done well, then we can get the Pan Rave Skater Skin.

Do it in Clash Squad Mode

There is no limit to completing this mission, you can also do it in Clash Squad Mode if you want. My Esports advice is that you understand Tips for Revive Anti Knock Free Fire , so that it's easier to save friends. But it's also a good idea if you guys immediately get along with your friends for gifts like this.

Receive Gifts and Check-In Weaponry

If you have received a gift like this, immediately check into the Weaponry section now. To make it clear what gift you have received, you can immediately have a good gift like this. Pan Rave Skater has a very cool image, it will definitely give a very strong lightning flash.

There are so many free gifts that appear in the Free Fire game, you will definitely have a good chance with that. Because of this Free Fire Pan Rave Skater Prize, it's really cool, it has a blue color and a fairly diverse pattern. If you use it to attack one enemy, it will definitely issue a very strong event.

It will be even more suitable if you use the Rave Skater Free Fire Bundle as well so that the theme is indeed the same and unified. Your character in the match will look much stronger, because of the appearance of the same bundle and weapons like this.

After knowing how to get the Pan Rave Skater Free Fire (FF) Skin, you can immediately use it if you want. The skin pan is really cool, has a picture and pattern of electricity, and has very smoldering power when it hits this enemy now.

Moreover, if we match the M1014 Rave Skater Free Fire Skin , you will have an even more perfect combination. Because one theme is all from Bundle, weapons and melee which we will also bring in battle.

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