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These 4 Free Fire Characters Make Movement Fast and Flexible

As we know, the Free Fire character itself has so many different skills. One of the skills that can help in the game is the ability to increase Movement Speed.

By getting additional Movement Speed, the Free Fire character will certainly have fast and flexible movements. Well, for those of you who don't know these characters, here are we that summarize the best Free Fire characters that can increase movement speed.

Recommended Best Free Fire Characters Right Now

To get the following characters, make sure you top up the Free Fire diamond first, okay? Because to get the following characters, you are required to exchange a number of diamonds.

1. Kelly

The best character to make your movements fast and flexible is, of course, Kelly. As we know, Kelly has a skill called Dash Run which allows her to increase her running speed.

In addition, if you already have an Awakening Kelly character, then the Dash Run skill will change to Deadly Velocity which allows him to get an increase in Damage for the first shot.

2. D-Bee

D-Bee is the next character who can make your movements more flexible. D-Bee has a skill called Bullet Beats which allows him to get additional Movement Speed ​​and Accuracy when shooting opponents.

Indeed, previously this skill only applies to SMG weapons and Shotgun weapons. But since getting a rework, the D-Bee skill effect applies to other strongest weapons.

3. Joseph

Joseph is the next best character that you can rely on to make your movements more flexible.

Joseph himself has a skill called Nutty Movement. This skill will make Joseph get additional Movement Speed ​​when he takes damage from the enemy. With his abilities, it is not surprising that Joseph is one of the strongest Rusher characters in Free Fire.

4. Dasha

The next character that can make your movements more flexible is Dasha. Different from previous characters who get additional Movement Speed, Dasha herself only has an ability called Partying On.

This ability allows Dasha to get a reduction in damage received and recovery time when she falls. Of course, this skill is very useful for moving from high to low places quickly.

So, those are some of the best Free Fire characters that can make your movements faster and more flexible. Do you have your favorite character or not?

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