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5 Tips to Be Good at Using Aurora Mobile Legends

Aurora is one of the Mage heroes who have extraordinary abilities. This hero is able to give a Freeze effect to the opponent with the skills he has. That's why this hero is one of the strongest Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends.

Well, for those of you who want to learn about this Mage hero, we will discuss some tips on using Aurora Mobile Legends so that you can get better at using it.

5 Tips to Be Good at Using Aurora Mobile Legends

If you don't have this Mage hero, you can buy it using 24,000 BP or 499 Diamond. So make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first.

If you already have it, you can follow some tips using the following Aurora Mobile Legends.

1. Understand All of Aurora's Skills

The first tip for those of you who want to learn this hero is to understand all the skills possessed by Aurora. The skills possessed by Aurora include:

Pride of Ice (Passive Skill): Aurora gains 1 Stack Frost Energy every time she uses a skill. When reaching 3 stacks, the next skill will freeze the opponent for a while. Aurora's skill will deal an additional 20% Damage to enemies affected by the Freeze effect.

Frost Shock (Skill 1): Aurora fires Icicle in the targeted direction. Icicle will explode when it hits the first enemy, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in the area of ​​effect and slowing them down by 25% for a short time.

Bitter Frost (Skill 2): ​​Aurora deals Magic Damage to the specified target and slows the target by 80% for a short time.

Cold Destruction (Skill 3): Aurora summons a Giant Icy Rock to bombard a designated target location. All enemies hit will take Magic Damage and be slowed by 90% which lasts for a while. Enemies around the target also take Magic Damage and slow down by 60% for a few moments.

2. Take advantage of Passive Skills

As previously explained, Aurora has a passive skill that can give the opponent a Freeze effect after collecting 3 Stacks.

Therefore, you need to maximize the ability of this passive skill to maximize the ability of Aurora. You can spam using the Frost Shock skill (Skill 1) because this skill has a fairly short cooldown.

3. Play Safe

As a Mage hero, of course, Aurora will be highly targeted by opponents, especially the opponent's Assassin hero. Therefore, it's a good idea to play it safe so as not to be reached by the opponent's hero.

Make sure to always be in the back row when there is a war or team fight. You can take cover behind the Tank hero or the team's Support hero to be protected from enemy attacks.

4. Shock the Opponent Inside the Bush

The next tip is to surprise your opponent from within the bush. By surprising your opponent from the bush, you can maximize the use of passive skills and Bitter Frost skills (Skill 2) to finish off your opponent.

You can target Marksman heroes to opposing Jungler heroes who walk alone. That way, it will be easy for you and your team to win the game.

5. Use Strong Item Build

The next tip for those of you who want to use Aurora Mobile Legends is to use the right Aurora build. You can take advantage of the build items recommended by the Pro Player or use items that you have adjusted to your opponent.

Well, those are some tips for using Aurora Mobile Legends that you can use in the game.

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