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Homer vs Clu Free Fire Character, Which Battle is Stronger

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to use later. Of course, for Homer vs Clu Free Fire (FF) characters, we can indeed know which strength is coming from there. As part of a cool and nice character that compares those 2 powers in a match.

Moreover, following the development of updates that have appeared now, of course, will provide many cool prizes. Of course, this opportunity to play will definitely make you interested in playing this game and it's very good.

Seeing that there are already many Free Fire Update Characters, you will definitely know that and understand more clearly. Because the presence of some of these new characters can be something quite special and you can see what is already there.

Then compare Homer vs Clu Free Fire (FF) Characters, Which is Strong? the strength of the existing characters is clearly visible. So that you can find out the potential of the two characters with much easier game opportunities and it is clear which one will be good later.

Homer vs Clu Free Fire (FF) Character, Which is Strong?

Inviting a comparison of the Homer vs Clu Free Fire character, it is indeed seen as a great power to find out the enemy's position. But actually Strong Mana between the two of them? from here it will definitely allow you to choose the potential of each of these characters.

Now, if my Esports knows about the Homer Free Fire character, one of the Blind Assassins with a strong Drone power. This character is able to show the enemy's position, and give a very bad Buff Area for 5 seconds with a size of only 5 meters.

This skill has a cooldown of 90 seconds, it is a max level and will deal damage when an enemy is detected. So actually this system is an Enemy within 100m, so that later the drone can immediately attack the enemy quickly.

Want to be in any position, even in the house, if the distance is hit by the drone, you can still be overtaken. It will immediately show the opponent's position, as well as give it a bad effect due to the Area of ​​Effect from the Drone explosion.

Even so, Homer does not show the enemy's position on the map, so it only shows the number of damage to the opponent. And the large area that we see from this aura, will immediately make it clear that the last time the enemy was there.

As for the Clue Free Fire character, he is an spy who defeats the enemy by disguise. Even Clu itself is able to show the enemy's position, either in a map or a screen display that you will see directly.

Enemies will be marked as arrows at the top, so Clu is indeed quite helpful for players to know the position of their own opponents. Now the Cooldown Skill is active Clu 50 Seconds and that when it's Level max, the enemy's position will be found out if the distance is 75m from you.

Then the effect of providing enemy information sometimes works and doesn't. This skill effect lasts up to 10 seconds. But if the enemy is in a Squat or Downstate, then things like this will not show their position.

So, in my opinion, Homer Esports is better than Clu, even though it doesn't provide accurate enemy information. But the skill range is far, dealing damage and bad effects that help you attack more easily.

That's why Homer is so profitable, so that we won't have a hard time dealing with things like this. But if you really want to know the enemy's position safely, Clu is quite comfortable to know the enemy in the room or house.

After knowing the Homer vs Clu Free Fire (FF) Character, we can know which one is stronger between the two of them. As characters who have their own abilities in battle, so we are easy to learn and use the combination as well.

Moreover, seeing a Homer Free Fire Character Combination , will definitely help players become stronger. Because it will make it easier for the player, even playing Homer to get an easier win.

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