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The latest collaboration Kung Fu Panda X Mobile Legends 2022

The upcoming Mobile Legends event   this time is a collaboration event which will certainly be very much awaited. Previous collaborations were done with King of Fighters, Transformers, Hello Kitty. The newest collaboration of Kung Fu Panda X Mobile Legends (ML) is coming.

With the collaboration carried out by Mobile Legends, players will be more comfortable playing because there is a lot of content that is followed by players. Not only that, Mobile Legends collaborated with one of the famous films, Kung Fu Panda.

There are also many updates that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game, it's impossible for you to miss all of these things. As additions and really cool prizes, of course we can use things like this as well as possible in the game later.

Then just like the presence   of the very cool Mobile Legends x Transformers Part 2 Collaboration , there are many good things that we can find from here. Everything is so special, will give something so crowded for the players if that's the case.

Here we will provide Info on the Collaboration of Mobile Legends (ML) X Kung Fu Panda, which will be coming in the near future. There will be many free gifts for those of you who take part in this one event, of course.

The latest collaboration Kung Fu Panda X Mobile Legends 

This latest update presents the latest collaborations that will be carried out. It has just been reported about the latest collaboration of Kung Fu Panda with Mobile Legends. Surely you have seen this film, namely Kung Fu Panda, Panda is an animal that is described as having Kung Fu abilities. In Mobile Legends, the hero depicted in the form of a panda is Akai.

This time the collaboration will involve 3 heroes, namely Ling, Akai and Thamuz. Ling will get a Shen skin which in the film in Shen is depicted as a white peacock. Ling might fit to be described as Shen because of the interconnectedness of a peacock, Ling has a feather ornament of a peacock.

Next, there is Akai who will get a Po skin according to the description of the animal, a panda who has unique abilities. Of course, Akai became an obvious choice because of Panda's depiction.

Finally there is Thamuz who will get a skin from Kai who in the kung fu movie panda thamuz is depicted as a buffalo carrying a sword similar to the one carried by thamuz.

Further information regarding when this skin will be released is still unknown. But rumors say that this skin has been confirmed and is in development so we can only wait for confirmation. Maybe it will be enforced after 3 months to 6 months more possibilities.

That's an explanation of Mobile Legends that will collaborate with Kung Fu Panda. Fans of Mobile Legends can only wait for confirmation for the release of this skin. Because with the emergence of a Collaboration like this, it will definitely feel different for some of the partners that you can see in the battle later.

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