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List of Quick chats that must be used to play Mobile Legends

This chat feature is one of the most useful features when playing because it can provide directions without being complicated. It is inconceivable that if you want to mobilize to gather by writing a manual chat, of course, it will be very complicated. This time there are 10 Quick chats that must be used to play Mobile Legends (ML)

In online games, communication is very important, to build a good strategy so that you can beat your opponents.

What is the function of Quick Chat? Quick Chat serves to notify the team in attacking, defending or it can be called short communication. Maybe you yourself often use this feature when playing Mobile Legends.

A quick chat is one of the most frequently used when you are solo ranking. A quick chat is one of the most effective communication features to use besides voice chat.

The following is a list of important quick chats to use during a match in Land Of Dawn:

10 Quick chats that must be used to play Mobile Legends (ML)

Enemy Missing!

This quick chat provides information about enemies that have disappeared from your sight. This aims for you to be more aware of your surroundings because, with the loss of the enemy, they must be doing ganking to anyone who is alone.

Attack The Lord

There is an Attack the Lord that serves to tell your team to attack the lord so they can help each other and quickly get to the lord

Attack The Turtle

Similar to Lord, Attack the turtle tells your team to attack the turtle. Where this turtle serves to get even more gold.

Let me take the buff first

This quick chat aims to tell you that you have to take the buff first. Buff of course to provide additional attributes and effects so that you have more power than others.

Ulti not ready

The ult is not ready to tell your teammates if the Ultimate you have is not ready and buys time before the ulti is ready to use

Clear Up Lanes

This clear-up lane aims to clear the minion wave to make it even safer to defend from your turret and by clearing the minion you will get EXP and Gold.

Wait for me!

This quick chat serves to provide info to wait for you, can do war, ganking, lord and others.

Unstable Network

This quick chat aims to let your friends know that your internet is being disrupted and unstable


As usual sorry to apologize for the mistakes you made. You might accidentally steal buffs, kill steal opponents, use skills that are not on point, and the like.

Split Up!

Lastly, there is a split up! this quick chat serves to coordinate your team to split up to push the turret or break the opponent's defense.

You can also change the contents of the Quick Chat according to what you want. There are three types of Quick Chat options, namely to attack, defend, and communicate. And here's how to change Quick Chat in Mobile Legends. But the above is already the most recommended for the match of course.

Well, those were 10 Quick chats that must be used to play Mobile Legends (ML). That way you can easily provide information via Quick Chat in the Mobile Legends game. Thank you so much and hopefully useful.

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