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List of 6 New Hero Mobile Legends Released in 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of good updates which of course you will see after everything is entered. Including the Leaks of 6 New Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes Released in 2022 that will be present, all of these Heroes are indeed interesting. Both from the Mechanism we use, then the way to make it look Strong in the match later.

All can be a good addition at this point, as a strong Hero then you will have new options to try. This hero will provide a good opportunity, it can even help you so that it is not difficult to defeat the enemy, but you must still learn every movement of the hero later.

Even now we also know that there is already a Hero Update Order in the Mobile Legends Game so that later you can become even stronger. You can even try to use one of these heroes, so you can determine a new hero, which of course you can try yourself.

Especially with the Leaked 6 New Hero Mobile Legends (ML) Released in 2022, you can't be confused about missing this Hero. Because with some of these heroes, so you will know what types of heroes will come later.

Leaked New Hero Mobile Legends (ML) Released in 2022


The first hero to be released in the Mobile Legends 2022 game is Yin, one of which will appear in January. Of course, with the presence of the Hero, you can definitely change the new Meta of the game that we will fight later as well.

This Hero's power does lock onto the opponent, using a deadly blow and trapping the impenetrable Illusion. Yin is able to become the deadliest fighter hero at the beginning of 2022 if you use it correctly yourself.


Then the Hero released in 2022 is Melissa, a strong Marksman with the power of her Voodoo doll. Melissa is also able to deal large damage if for example the enemy has been hit by Skill 2 which issues Voodoo Doll. Estimated Release in February 2022.

Skill 1 makes it easier for Melissa to escape from battle or pursuit, and Ultimate will protect Melissa when she is fighting. As a Marksman, it turns out that this hero can also provide strong protection in battle without any fear at all with his Shield.


As one of the new Mages to appear in 2022, it looks like Xavier will provide great power in today's big battles. Even being a Mage who gives Burst Damage, of course, can make the enemy unable to escape from his attacks.

Xavier is able to deal damage from a long distance, even for now predictions for his appearance in March 2022. The power that will trap the enemy with Skill, make sure none of your attacks miss at all.


Another fighter that will be coming soon in the Mobile Legends game, it turns out that this Hero has a stronger Chainman name than before. Even though the Hero has several skills that can lock the opponent's movement, it's just that the mechanism is a little difficult.

This hero will be released in April 2022 right now, the appearance of this hero is much more thugs or people who are very full of fighting. The great power to be able to control the chain will definitely make us stronger.


As a very powerful Knight, Paxley carried his noble family name to protect everyone. From the appearance of this Hero, it turns out that Paxley Hero Tank Mage will be present in the Mobile Legends game in 2022. Many of Paxley's appearances predict that it will be June or July, because of the order of updates that will be present.

So Paxley is a Hero that will be released in June or July because the sequence is 117 after Julian. Presenting a Hero with this Type, this tank player will be excited to welcome his arrival. As a hero with a Role Type like that, it will make the battle even more exciting.

Carrying a Spear and wearing a very strong Armor, makes Paxley will have such great power. Then it was reported that Hero Paxley had a relationship with Gusion and Aamon, saying that they were part of the Paxley hero family.


In fact, next, we will have Joy, one of the 118th Heroes who will be coming soon after Paxley appears. As a very strong Leonin, even has the ability of an Assassin who uses the power of Electricity. It is very strong in its small body form as a high damage dealer.

Of course, Joy is also not much different from Nana, Harith, and even Aulus when it comes to his height. Joy also has many stories as a Hero that will appear in the Mobile Legends game. Will make Joy become stronger and will not be easily defeated just like that.

It is a Hero that will appear in July or August, as the 118th Hero is very cool. Of course, with his own abilities, it will definitely not be easy for us to face the enemy using the hero later.

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After knowing the Leaks of 6 New Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes Released in 2022, you just have to wait for the release and maybe the results will be different when it appears. Having a new strong hero update, surely all of that will change your playing meta.

Moreover, looking at the existing list of Starlight Mobile Legends skins, you can see when to play with the release date of the skin. Of course, if you use this skin, there are some players who can be considered old players if that's the case.

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