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Recommended Battle Spell Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends released many of the latest updates that will follow the development of the game better. Because for 5 Battle Spell Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends (ML), it will make it easier for you to play. It doesn't feel difficult at all, if you have used Popol and Kupa with the right spell, of course.

Especially with some new things like Missions that have appeared, it will look much more interesting. Because indeed the emergence of a new event like that, will give one of the missions to give a very special main prize.

Then understand the Tips for Using Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends, so that it becomes easier to deal with enemies. Because the fight that Popol and Kupa will do is also very easy, as long as you won't have a hard time facing many enemies.

Really understand 5 Battle Spell Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends (ML), in order to make the hero stronger. Because of the Spell that Popol uses, it can definitely affect the Kupa as well which definitely combines 2 deadly forces for sure.

Battle Spell Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends (ML)


Popol and Kupa are heroes who can't run fast, so Spell Flicker is the right choice for that. Even my Esports when using Popol and Kupa always use this Spell, because it helps a lot in battle or going to escape.

But you have to remember that this effect only applies to Popol, but Kupa will immediately run to him if he is too far away. So that it will feel very different, so you can easily overcome the enemy.


The second spell is Inspire which will give effect to Popol and Kupa at once. Increases attack speed and add a large HP Regen when using Inspire. It will indeed help players in dealing with enemies if you use a spell-like this.

Once in a while, my Esports does this, when this Inspire is used then Popol and Kupa get the same buff. So Inspire becomes very deadly for him when attacking enemies so he doesn't have trouble dealing big damage.


Considering Popol as a Marksman who relies on Kupa to attack, the enemy can attack Popol in that situation. So the Spell called Aegis is also suitable for him, this can be temporary protection for his HP.

Skill 2 that can give White HP is also not enough, we add it again using a spell-like this too. So, you should also know Tips for Using the Aegis Mobile Legends Spell, so that later when you are being attacked, you can be more punctual.


Even Popol and Kupa can also become Hyper because this Hero is fast in doing Farming though. Because using the Kupa Bite and Popol's Spear, it is certain that every forest monster will be wiped out by them.

Because of Hyper's speed in farming, of course, Popol and Kupa will be very deadly heroes. Every deadly attack when you launch a variety of attacks will become easier because it can become a strong hyper.


The next spell is Execute, destroying opponents who are already dying of course. That's why Popol and Kupa are really good, dealing high damage together and being able to deal additional damage from the Execute Spell.

Makes it easier for you to deal with them, let alone dispel the enemy to escape from their pursuit. It's just that we have to do the right attack so that we can immediately give unusual damage to the enemy.

Knowing 5 Battle Spell Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends (ML), it gives them an advantage in battle. As a hero who are so strong in battle, so Popol and Kupa are also Marksman who are greatly feared by many people.

Especially with the Combo Hero Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends, it will definitely be a very strong force. So that Popol's strength is even easier to face the enemy without any hesitation.

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