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5 Ways to Install Affinity Status in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. There is even a How to Install a Mobile Legends (ML) Affinity Status, it's something very interesting. Because from here we will have a goal so that we can show a special status with our playing friends.

Then there are also quite a lot of Mobile Legends Events, so you guys will be excited too. Because indeed the prizes are also quite a lot for you to have from here because you will continue to have gifts that are cool enough for you to become the newest collection.

Especially for the Best Action Emote in Mobile Legends, it will definitely make the character who owns the Movement look really cool. So that with this you can also provide something interesting so that you can continue to have lots of cool events for players to play well.

Then there is a way to install affinity status for mobile legends (ML), it's a very interesting status post. So that you can show some special statuses with your play friends so that your opponent also knows things like that.

How to Install Affinity Status in Mobile Legends (ML)

Enter the Mobile Legends Game

You must first enter the Mobile Legends game, so you can Install this Affinity Status right now. As a very clear pointer, it will help players to be able to show the Status better.

Select Social Category

Then we can immediately choose the name Social Category because from here you will see what the feature looks like. If indeed select the category, then we can immediately choose this category right now. That way later there will be a plus sign logo.

Reach 150 Familiarity Points to Post Affinity Status

Now you have to reach 150 Points of Familiarity with Friends first, so you can Install this existing Affinity Status. Because indeed with a position like that, it is certain that you will immediately start inviting one of your friends for us to install this Affinity Status.

Choose Affinity Status As Needed

Yup, this suggestion from my Esports is that you have to choose an affinity status first that suits your needs as well. Because indeed with an opportunity like this, then you can immediately get the Point right now.

Status Will Be Visible When Loading Play Game

If you have installed the Status, then you can immediately see in the Loading section the match starts. Because indeed this will immediately be seen clearly, as a new gift that shows friendship, partner, or others.

Showing that we have a playing squad or playing with friends is something that can be interesting for now. Because it really feels like a problem like that, because there are even some things that we can really understand from here.

Moreover, getting to know the Affinity Feature of Mobile Legends correctly, it definitely feels like you have a lot more for the future. Depending on how you use it, it might feel even more different.

Because you already know How to Install Mobile Legends (ML) Affinity Status, then you can do that much more safely. Because there is no need to be confused anymore with all the Affinities and statuses that you can show in your account profile.

Then seeing that there are now many new and powerful Mobile Legends Hero Updates, it's definitely felt in the future. Playing it will become easier, and it's unlikely that you will be confused about it now.

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