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List of Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that have appeared for you to try now. Even the appearance of 3 Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends (ML), you will see a variety of things that are so interesting. Because in its own form, it can be seen that the Abyss Squad Skin is really good with various themes.

Even every skin that appears in the Mobile Legends game has its own story, this one is no exception. Full of darkness and related to an intention of revenge, making the Abyss itself a very deadly Dark Squad.

The appearance of the Mobile Legends Superhero Squad is one of the new parts that looks very interesting. Since the defenders and protectors of the Earth have appeared, against all the Abysses even the leader and the 5 big members have appeared as well.

Showing 3 Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends (ML), will be a great strength for the Hero. Because with the power that you will get, it is like easy to face every opponent, whether superhero or not at all.

Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends (ML)

Alpha – General Void

The leader of the Abyss Squad, Alpha General Void has many bad memories with Superheroes. Even in the introduction of the Skin, as well as in the Story, 2 Heroes get in the way and overwhelm him.

But reborn with a newer form, General Void is able to destroy half a city with his power. In addition to only using a Wand that is indeed full of darkness, General Void is assisted by Beta to unleash the incomparable power of the black hole Aurora.

The transformed Alpha uses the Purple Black Iron Armor, Dark Aura on its Head and a purple Cloak which is quite visible. Making it the most powerful and coolest Skin Abyss Squad, his name is also a leader.

Selena – Lady Vengeance

The next Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends is Selena Lady Vengeance, is the second position that appears with a very deadly appearance. Selena has her First form as a Monster, Red and long hair. Then it has Black and Red Armor, especially on the shoulders that are so lit.

Selena also uses her Monster, which is Black with Red Armor which amplifies the movement of this Monster. If the two of them were together, Lady Vengeance would create an extremely powerful humanoid Awakening Monster capable of destroying anything.

In this Awakening form, Selena uses Armor also on the face as an iron mask. Even the color effect is much redder than before, making this Abyss Skin the best after Alpha General Void.

Moskov – Doom Incarnate

The birth of Moskov Doom Incarnate, because he got a betrayal from the Superhero Team he had helped. Even the presence of Moskov as a member of the Abyss has one goal, namely to take revenge for what happened. The great power of the Abyss Mobile Legends Squad is very strong.

According to us, this skin does look cool, because apart from Moskov it keeps the Human body joined by something. Because of the technology from the Abyss, it has indeed succeeded in making Moskov have the power of shadow movement and is able to kill opponents quickly.

Skin that wears a mask with long hair, as well as Moskov Armor that covers all parts of his body tightly. After almost succeeding in taking revenge, the Superhero arrived and at that very moment Moskov left with one of the other Abyss Members. But who took Moskov away?

After seeing 3 Skin Squad Abyss Mobile Legends (ML), then those of you who like this collection of Skins may be interested. In order to have one of them too, be part of the Skin Hero which has a very cool theme in this game.

Even things like this add a lot of Skin Squad Mobile Legends , adding great power to strengths like this. So that you yourself will be stronger, you can even get more good things from here to find out what skins already exist.

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