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Upcoming New Hero Joy Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try playing now. Even for the presence of the New Hero Joy Mobile Legends (ML), it will definitely be something interesting for us to know. Because the appearance of the Hero will definitely make the game meta will also change slowly.

In addition, the advanced developments that are present in the Mobile Legends game do not miss the Event as an addition. Considering that the events that have appeared in this game are new and cool, the missions are so challenging for us to complete.

Even the presence of a Mobile Legends x Kungfu Panda Collaboration is something that is very interesting for us to know right now. Because it is the most important part of the latest update that will come, as a Rare Skin that will appear in this game.

Then, for the presence of the New Hero Joy in Mobile Legends (ML), we really have to know what it looks like and what it looks like. Making a cool and lively appearance, and getting to know Joy will not be so difficult at all.

New Hero Joy Mobile Legends (ML)

The appearance of a new Mobile Legends hero who has a name Joy is a little Leonin who will be coming soon. Even Joy herself is the 118th Hero who will be present in the game, so you may also be interested in waiting for her presence as well.

But considering that Hero Julian in Mobile Legends himself is the 116th Hero, it means that there is indeed another new Hero for the 117th. But the most interesting thing is that Joy gets an introduction first, as a Hero who will be present in sequence 118 but misses 1 other hero who is reportedly still in preparation.

According to Esports, Joy's presence is indeed quite unique, because as a small Leonin, his appearance is very trendy. As this 118 hero, it turns out that Joy herself is an Assassin and it is not clear whether the damage is Magic or Physical.

Even so from its appearance as well as its own attack style, it seemed to be dealing Magic Damage on a large scale. As a small and agile Leonin, of course, you will love the appearance of the Hero which is quite annoying for the next update as well.

Joy herself is still the same sex with Nana, Harith, and even Aulus because they are Leonin too. But the unique thing is that in each type, Nana is a Support (turned into a Full Mage), Harith Mage and Aulus are a strong Fighter.

Now we have Joy as an Assassin Leonin who is small and strong in providing attacks. Of course, those of you who use the New Hero Joy will become stronger without having to worry about using it.

This will be a very exciting New Hero of 2022 and we must try to have one of them. As a force that will definitely help players not have a hard time competing, not even confused to face a Hero like this in a match.

Even Joy's own abilities will probably be special enough, that you yourself won't be able to miss them at all. The advantages of Hero Joy as an assassin, you will definitely find directly in the upcoming game.

Because they have seen the New Hero Joy Mobile Legends (ML), players will not hesitate to try using it later. As a hero with strong and invincible Assassin abilities, he can give his players an advantage when competing later.

Even the emergence of Hero Updates in Mobile Legends, which already exist a lot now, will make you more aware of all of that. You won't be too confused in facing every opponent, because Hero updates like this will introduce them to all of us.

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