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5 Mistakes Frequently Made by Fighter Users in Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular online games today. Because this game has exciting gameplay and lots of heroes, like the heroes in Mobile Legends that have their own categories, such as Mage, Assassin, Jungler, Tank, Support, and Fighter. This time we will discuss the mistakes made by Fighter users in ML.

As we mentioned earlier, there are various types of heroes in Mobile Legends and Fighter is one of them. Usually, this Fighter hero uses Melee Attack and Physical Damage.

Here are the mistakes made by User Fighter in ML

Curious, what mistakes are often made by Fighter users? If so, let's see the full discussion below.

1. Rarely Help Get Turtle or Lord

The first Fighter user error is that it rarely or never helps get Turtles or Lords. Even though Turtle itself is an objective that is mandatory or must be obtained when playing Mobile Legends.

The problem is that this Truthle provides additional Gold and Shield, so it will be easier to win the match. While Lord is an objective that can help us to destroy the opponent's turret.

Even though these two objectives are important, unfortunately, most Fighter users ignore them. In fact, most of them are more often or more focused on fighting mechanics with the enemy, instead of helping the team to get that objective.

2. Too Barbaric

The next Fighter user error is being too barbaric. As we discussed in the previous point, most Fighter users don't want to help to get the objective, they prefer mechanical fighting with the enemy.

Well, if there is a Fighter user who loses when fighting mechanics, when fighting mechanics and losing. Most of them don't accept it and want revenge, because of this lust, Fighter users are more concerned with killing and attacking opponents, rather than helping the team.

3. Not Smart Doing Minion Cutting

The next fighter user error is not being good at cutting minions. For those of you who don't know, cutting minions is an act of cutting or cleaning minions near the enemy base.

Of course, this is very important for Fighters, so they can roam and the enemy cannot push our Turret. Usually cutting minions is done as a form of preparation to take the Turtle or Lord.

4. Don't want to open war

Then the Fighter user doesn't want to open war. Even though one of the tasks of the Fighter is to initiate the opening of the War. But unfortunately, many Mobile Legends players still don't know when is the right time for war.

Not only that, most Fighter users don't want open war, because they don't want to die, and once they die, they will blame the team. Usually, a player like this is a selfish person.

5. Target Tanks More Often

The last is to target Tanks more often. Even though the main task of the Fighter is to dispel the enemy from behind, such as attacking the Marksman or Mage, so that the enemy cannot get a kill.

But unfortunately, instead of targeting enemy Marksman or Mage, most Fighter users are targeting Tanks. This is because they are too barbaric so they don't focus, they don't even hesitate to use all the most important skills to get a kill.

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