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Zeys Responds To His Criticism Some Time ago Games

Some time ago, Indonesian MLBB fans were busy talking about the coach from EVOS Legends, Zeys, who seemed to criticize Indonesian MPL casters.

According to some parties, from what Zeys said, the Indonesian MPL caster seemed to comment too much during the match between the two teams.

The excessive comments mentioned by Zeys are allegedly forming a separate branding for a team or individual player which they think is not very good.

Although Zeys gave a little more explanation to fans and maybe related casters, many people are still amazed by what the EVOS Legends coach said.

On the other hand, Zeys said his criticism was not directed at the Indonesian MPL casters.

Then, what exactly is meant by Zeys?

Zeys’ criticism is not for MPL Indonesia

Zeys tries to answer questions that may still be asked by many fans. Zeys tried to explain it again through a video upload on YouTube.

According to his confession, the trigger that pushed him to do this was not actually from MPL Indonesia

Zeys admits that he also watches a lot of games hosted by MPL in other regions.

When watching, Zeys thought that many of the caster’s words were probably too much, and Indonesia could have been much better.

“I’ll tell you this first that triggers me to make this post, not from MPL Indonesia, but MPL Indonesia can also make it better,” explained Zeys..

What do you think?

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