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Tips on Hero Ling in Mobile Legends 2022, the Best-selling Jungler Hero in MPL Games

“One’s sword reflects one’s thought.” – Ling

Ling is definitely the best selling hero in MPL. But how can you make the most of it? We will discuss it in full in the Ling Mobile Legends 2022 guide this time.

As an assassin who can match Fanny’s agility, Ling is a META hero because of his high mobility and damage in the mid game to late game. As a result, Ling became one of MPL’s priority picks. Ling is a difficult hero to master because of his skills that require high accuracy and speed.

To master Ling’s hero in 2022, you need to understand the skills and things that will improve Ling’s skills. You also need to know how to overcome some of the weaknesses of Ling and the opposing hero. We will discuss everything in Ling Mobile Legends 2022.

Guide Ling Mobile Legends 2022

Ling’s Skill Explanation

Ling who doesn’t use mana as a price for his skills, is the only hero who has Lightness Point. Ling has one passive skill and three active skills. The following is an explanation of all of Ling’s skills.

Passive: Cloud Walker

Cloud Walker is Ling’s passive skill that earns him four additional Lightness Points every second when he is on a wall and an additional five Lightness Points each time he deals damage. This passive skill also increases the critical chance by twice from all sources such as items and emblems. However, Ling has 140% critical damage instead.

Skill 1: Finch Poise

Finch Poise is a skill that allows Ling to quickly circle the map. This skill causes Ling to jump over a designated wall. When he is on a wall, he can get Lightness Points faster and get a movement speed of 30%. However, this skill has a long cooldown.

Finch Poise can be used to chase opponents, run away, speed up rotation, gank or split push.

Skill 2: Defiant Sword

Ling’s main damage is Defiant Sword is a skill that makes Ling agile in team fights. Thanks to this skill, Ling dashes himself in the specified direction and deals physical damage to nearby enemies. Defiant Sword can also restore Ling’s HP when his attack hits the target.

When Ling was on the wall, Defiant Sword will do a dash to the target location on the ground. Shows 30% physical damage and CC Slow effects to enemies in the area. If this attack becomes critical damage, the opponent will be affected by an additional 45% CC Slow effect for 0.75 seconds.

Keep in mind Defiant Sword considered a basic attack. Therefore, this skill can activate the unique passive of several items that require basic attacks.

Ultimate: Tempest of Blades

Ling jumps into the air, becomes invincible and gains an additional 10% movement speed for 1.5 seconds. When Ling is invincible, the opponent will not hit Ling with his basic attacks or skills. Then Ling lands on the ground, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area, causing CC Airborne effects to enemies in half a second, and unleashing a Sword Field in eight seconds. Four swords will appear at the edge of the Sword Field. Ling can pick up a sword to reduce the cooldown of Finch Poise by four seconds, reset the cooldown of Defiant Sword, and gain 25 Lightness Points.

Priority Skill Level: Tempest of Blades-> Defiant Sword-> Finch Poise

You can find a more detailed explanation of Ling’s skills in the game or on the MLBB official website

Combo Skill Ling

Tempest of Blades-> Defiant Sword -> Finch Poise

Before the combination could start, Ling had to get close to the opponent he wanted to attack. Ling can use Finch Poise or Defiant Sword to close the distance while dealing damage to the opponent.

Then Ling could use Tempest of Blades to give the opponent’s CC effect and launch a combo with Sword Field. With the four swords found at the edge of the Sword Field, Ling can use Defiant Sword five times with no cooldown and deals massive damage burts to enemies. Ling’s fast movement also makes it difficult for the opponent to dodge the attack.

After the combo ends, Ling can escape with Finch Poisewhose cooldown was reduced by the four swords.

This combo is the basic combo that Beginner Ling users learn. If you know the hero Ling, you can change the order of these combination skills and use different combinations according to the situation.

Emblem Ling

Jungle Emblem – Mage Killer

Mage Killer Becomes talent emblems that are mandatory to obtain objectives such as Lord and Turtle. As junglerLing will have damage Retribution higher when wearing talent this. In addition, the attributes of the emblem jungle also have attack speed addition and damage extra against creeps to increase speed farming Ling. However, when compared to the assassin emblem, the emblem jungle own damage low against enemy heroes.

Assassin Emblem – Killing Spree

5e34b0717a2f02984dd61c9ff7dbae3b_emblemling1.jpg (1651×981)

If you prefer a playstyle that focuses on kill and team fightassassin and talent emblems Killing Spree is the optimal choice. With attribute physical PEN that does not have an emblem jungleLing can give damage higher than the opponent.

Build Item Ling

Ling has skills passive that can increase critical chance. Therefore, Ling will achieve damage maximum when wearing items which has the attribute critical chance and critical damage. Ling can also use items which adds attack speed to increase its DPS. Here are some items which suits Ling in META now.

1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots

Due to attribute defenseher low, Ling should wear shoes that have attributes defense. Some META heroes like Hilda, Masha, Selena, and Grock have damage high in early game. One way to minimize damage it is Warrior Boots and Tough Boots. Warrior Boots own physical defensewhereas Tough Boots have magic defense.

For Jungle Blessing Equipmentyou can choose Ice, flames, or Bloody Retribution in accordance playstyle.

2. Windtalker

Windtalker can add movement speed, critical chanceand also attack speed. Items This function is to increase mobility, DPS, and speed farming Ling. Because of that, Windtalker fit to be items first for Ling.

3. Berserker Fury

Berserker Fury is the only one items which has the attribute critical damage. Items this can add 40% critical damage, 25% critical chanceand 65 physical attack. With Berserker Fury, Ling can improve critical damageit becomes 180%.

4. Endless Battle/Demon Hunter Sword

Because skills Defiant Sword regarded as basic attackLing can use items Endless Battle to strengthen burst damage-his. Endless Battle has a unique passive that gives additional effects to basic attack. Here’s an explanation of the unique passive.

Within three seconds after using skills, basic attack next will give true damage an additional 60% of physical attack. This unique passive has cooldown by 1.5 seconds. When this unique passive is active, movement speed heroes will increase by 10%

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