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Win 4-1 Over Omega Esports, RSG PH Wins MPL PH S9! Games

After a poor performance in the previous season, RSG PH won the MPL Philippines Season 9 title after defeating Omega esports in the final with a final score of 4-1. In addition to winning the title, RSG made a new history as the first foreign organization to win a title in MPL Philippines. RSG PH coach Brian “Panda” Lim is the second head coach to win two league titles, after Kristoffer “BON CHAN” RicaPlaza from the international blacklist.

With this victory, RSG PH managed to win prizes with a total of 35,000 USD from the prize pool of 150,000 USD

Dylan “Light” Catipon successfully exploits Franco and Xavier’s Dawning Lights from Arvie “Aqua” Calderon. The Combo Meta finally brought RSG PH to a 22-8 victory in the first game. Next, RSG PH dominated the early game again and opened the way for gold laners to help Brody Sangco Eman “EMANN” against Lunox of Duane “Kelra” Pillas. While in the top lane, Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrologo’s Esmeralda dominated Dyroth of Renz “Renzio” Cadua in the laning phase despite a real loss that disrupted the early game of RSG PH.

Nathzz completed 5 kills and 12 assists without getting killed. On the other hand, Aqua, who also played well in teamfights had the highest thirteen assists along with six kills and one death.

Omega Esports is known for its engaging gameplay and massive teamfights. They managed to catch up on the second map and return the winning points to 1-1. No doubt, the strength of RSG PH peaked again and defeated Kelra in the third game. RSG sealed a 15-7 win in 18 minutes and 10 seconds to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Nathzz once again starred in the win with a 4-2-4 KDA record.

In the fourth round, OMEGA Esports featured more teamfights. However, RSG PH led by Clint Eman “EMANN” Sangco proved even more. He and the team scored 6 kills and 5 assists in 18 minutes and 36 seconds and won with a score of 13-8., RSG PH easily won the last game and closed the MPL PH S9 Grand Final series 4-1 over Omega Esports.

Omega Esports did not go home empty-handed, because they got a prize of 20,000 USD and a ticket to MSC 2022. Next, the two teams will represent the Philippines to fight at MSC with all the Asian teams that have been waiting in the bracket. How are you guys?

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