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Zeys Dislikes EVOS Legends' Preparation Games

Bjorn Ong or more familiarly called Zeys admitted that he did not like the preparation of his Evos Legends team for the 9th season of MPL ID.

There are several factors that made Zeys reluctant to prepare them for Evos Legends this season, even though his team played MPL ID very well in Season 9.

Evos Legends even played well in Season 9 MPL ID and made it into the top four.

But the coach was not happy and felt there was still a lot to improve in the future.

Zeys said that the gameplay and draft of Evos Legends don’t mix

“Maybe I’ve already explained it, so it’s like we have a lot of players coming back, so we mix it up until it’s like gameplay, the draft is not unified. I just don’t like it, but now it’s different,” Zeys said.

Zeys also said that EVOS Legends had a lot of ideas that made it difficult for them.

“The problem is we have too many brains, too many ideas that we confuse ourselves,” added Zeys

Even though Zeys has already reached the top four in the standings, he wants more results than this.

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