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Bang Bang Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a lot of heroes that are rarely used because they are considered less suitable for the evolving meta.

One of them is Hero Nana which is rarely played by professional players.

Nana has a unique ability because she has CC which is very annoying.

With the right tactics, Nana can also be of great help in team fights.

Here are some tips on how to use Hero Nana effectively in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

  1. Pay attention passive

Unlike before, after updating the patch, Nana’s passive skill can be seen by the enemy

Therefore, players must be careful to keep their distance from the opponent and must not come forward if they do not have a passive

This is done so as not to be easily picked off, it will also give Nana the opportunity to do poke damege effectively

  1. Skill 2 open the map

Apart from being a good CC, Nana’s Skill 2 is also a way to open a map.

By throwing him into the bushes and if he is in the area there are enemies approaching he will immediately turn into Molina when hit by Nana’s 2nd skill.

  1. Nana Combo

The most appropriate skill combo from this Hero is by skill 2-ulti-skill 1.

So don’t be surprised if Nana’s item is right. Enemies can die instantly with this Nana Combo

Ultimate Nana is also effective during team fights or when the enemy is gathering

  1. Role Support

Nana has good potential to fill the position as a support role.

Even Nana can switch positions with Mid laner when Nana quickly clears minions

Dual mobility is also good because he can quickly rotate

  1. Flexible Items

In addition to being able to quickly switch places with Mid Laner, Nana is also able to occupy the position of Gold Laner

Nana can take advantage of her fast basic attack with full physical damage items such as Wind Talker and Endless Battle.

However, if you want to use skills you can use Lightning Truncheon and Ice Queen Wand to produce sick skills

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