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EVOS Rekt's Viewpoint Against El-Clasico Match Between RRQ Hoshi vs EVOS Legends Games

EVOS Rekt shared his views on El Clasico between EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi in Mobile Legends.

As one of the experienced players in MPL Indonesia, even international tournaments, Rekt really understands the conditions during El Clasico matches.

EVOS Legends has won many tournaments together with Rekt, one of the most memorable being the Season 4 MPL ID final and the M1 World Championship final.

However, Rekt admits that competing in el clasico is not a fight or a mechanical game

EVOS Rekt’s View on El Clasico

Through a live stream hosted by Rekt, he saw Donkey’s video where he talks about El Clásico during his time as a professional player.

Rekt also agrees with Donkey, adding that playing in El Clasico isn’t about fighting mechanics or gameplay, it’s about fighting each other mentally.

Donkey admitted that he got a lot of pressure when competing against RRQ stars because the players didn’t want to lose to Lemon and his friends because of the implementation of EVOS Legend.

Moreover, the El Clasico match, which is attended by the audience, will certainly attack the mentality of players who are not used to it. That’s what the players are wary of during El Clasico.

If there is an audience, actually El Clasico is a mental fight, not a gameplay match. There is no gameplay competition, macro competition, I imagine if there are spectators you die, they will be cheered for, and if you kill, they will also be cheered for.” Rekt said.

Of course, as the biggest professional competition for Mobile Legends Indonesia, EVOS and RRQ players want to give their best in this battle.

The players often offer great mechanics and gameplay, but in fact, Rekt feels that mental conflicts occur more often during the game, but what do you think?

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