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Win Beautifully with These PUBG Weapons and Skins Recommendations

Since its release in 2022, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has always managed to maintain its popularity. This is of course inseparable from the interesting things offered by the developer, ranging from gameplay and realistic graphics, folder diverse with different experiences, up to premium items which gives the sensation of an interesting game.

As one of the premium items offered in the game, skin PUBG so the target of many players, especially options skin weapon. Now, are you also a hunter skin in this game? If you haven’t, you feel the need, read the reviews below.

Function Skins in Games

pubg mobile skinHave you ever thought what is the function skin in a games. The reason is, almost all the games that you play must offer it, starting from skin costumes, weapons, up to heroes. Now, To answer your curiosity, here’s a function summary: skin in games.

Source of Income for Game Developers

First function skin actually is as a means of game developers to make money. Especially for games obtained for free, selling items in games (including skin) is certainly a must for developers.

Materials to Show off

for players, skin is something to be proud of, especially if skin used belongs to the category of the sultan. Of course, not all players can use it. Therefore, the event of showing off was unavoidable. More rare and expensive skin the more you have, the higher your prestige in the eyes of other players.

Game Enhancer

When playing with skin mainstay, player will usually have maximum fighting spirit and energy. That’s why the feel of the game in the arena will also change to be more fierce and exciting.

Weapon Recommendations and Skins PUBG

how to buy pubg mobile weapon skins

Since its initial release, developer PUBG keeps adding offers premium items to pamper all the players. One of items what keeps growing is skin weapon.

For information, PUBG itself offers eight categories of weapons, including: Assault Rifle (AR)Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Sniper Rifle, Submachine Guns (SMG), Light Machine Guns (LMG), Shotgun, Pistol, and Melee. Then, each of these categories has special characteristics so players need to adjust the use of weapons to their playing skills.

Do you have more control over melee? Choose a weapon type SMG, LMG, shotgun, and a gun! On the other hand, for those of you who are great at ranged games, weapons in the AR category and sniper rifle is the best choice.

To support your game, the following is a complete summary of weapon recommendations with options: PUBG mobile skins which you can consider when entering the arena.


The first type of weapon comes from the category assault rifles. M416 is the most suitable friend for those of you who want to push rank. The reason is, the large bullet diameter (5.56 mm), recoil draw, and his quite strong attack is the reason behind many pro player using M416. Especially if it is equipped with full attachments, one of these AR weapons clearly can’t be stopped anymore damage-his.

Choice skin first fell on glacier. You will get a cool blue effect like ice when using skin this. Not only that, on level 5, players will also see effects such as blood splashes (on-hit effect) when the shot hits the enemy. To get glaciers, players must be willing to dig deeper because the price is quite high, which is between 5 to 11 million rupiah.

There is also an alternative skin others that deserve to be included in the list of ownership, among others The Fool, Arctic Digital, Summon The Wild, Full Autumn, Jungle Digital, Silver Plate, and Speed ​​and Momentum.


As the official weapon of the American army, the M16A4 is actually a derivative variant of the M16 that was already circulating. Complete, many mainstay combat tools player It is equipped with bullets with a diameter of 5.56 mm, capacity magazine up to 30 bullets (+10 with extended magazine), damage big (42 points), and recoil stable.

If you intend to buy skin PUBG mobile for M16A4, Blood and Bones so the best choice for you. The dominance of the skull design envelops the weapon and the red and black color flashes, especially coupled with the visual effect in the form of bones emerging from the ground when the user manages to kill an opponent, further increasing the charm of your M16A4 weapon. So, chicken dinner beauty is undeniable.

Need another recommendation? Radiant Edge, Draconian Champion, MadDog, Nutcracker King, Red Line, Shark Bite, Turquoise Delight, Cold blooded, and Croc Bite is another cool option.


The Groza is one of the assault rifle options (Assault Rifle) best, deadliest and wildest in PUBG. Not only that, the firepower of his close-range attacks also provides optimal damage to the enemy because the bullet diameter is very large, which is 7.63 mm. Want to have Groza? Just like AWM, this assault rifle can be obtained through Airdrop Supply.

PUBG provides Weathered Mustang as an option skin for Groza. When wearing items With this cosmetic, the appearance of your weapon will be more fierce with a mixture of red, black, and white colors.


Have expertise as sniper? AWM is a mandatory choice when playing PUBG. The reason is, if you are good at operating it, this weapon will really act as a tool “One Shot, One Kill” as his nickname.

To add to the wild impression of this type of weapon sniper rifle In this case, the development team offers a variety of options. However, Field Commander and Mauve Avenger is the coolest option you can consider. Both are quite rare and priced high. So, not just any player can have.

How to Buy Skins PUBG Weapons Mobile

buy pubg mobile skins

In order to be able to buy items in PUBG, you must have UC with a certain nominal first. For information, UC stands for Unknown Cash which functions like money (medium of exchange) in the PUBG game world.

To get UC, you can buy it via credit, e-commerce, or various shops on line provider. However, you have to be careful when buying from website UC provider. Buy it on a safe, legal, and guaranteed site, such as UniPin.

Want to know how to buy UC on UniPin? Follow these steps!

  • Go to page top up PUBG UniPin;
  • Fill in the player ID number;
  • Choose a payment method;
  • Click the desired UC nominal; and
  • Press the pay now button.

When the transaction is complete and the payment is received, the UC value purchased will go directly to your PUBG account.

Next, you just need to choose skin desired weapon via account game-your. Then, make a purchase using the UC you have. Easy, right?

If you already have skin PUBG rare and expensive, you just need to improve the quality of your game. However skin will be more impressive to see when coupled with skills qualified owner.

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