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Tips and Tricks to Survive and Win Battle Royale

Have you tried the PUBG game? mobile? If not, you must try out the excitement of playing the game with Battle Royale genre this. The reason is, you will fight each other with 100 other players to be the winner in the game aka get a nickname chicken dinner. However, for novice players, you may need PUBG mobile guide so that you can master the game more easily.

Simply put, this PUBG game will start with players jumping from a fighter plane. Arriving on the mainland, the players can immediately disperse to look for various equipment that can be used for war. Well, this stage is called the term loot.

There are three types of play that you can try, namely playing alone (solo), play together (duo)and the foursome (squad). If you want to last longer in the game, battle mode squad highly recommended. Later, when you get hit killthe team can still save you so indirectly game over. In short, this game is a must try for connoisseurs games.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide

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Before entering the discussion PUBG mobile guide, one of the important things you should know in the PUBG game mobile is a weapon. You need to know what are the top types of weapons that dominate the game. So, when you use it, you can tell if the weapon can give damage great for the opponent. Immediately, here PUBG mobile weapons guide what you can look at:

1. AKM and M416

These two weapons are the most used by PUBG players mobile. However, the basic thing that you need to understand in the use of weapons is the purpose for which you use them. In short, the AKM is the ideal type of weapon for aggressive combat with the ability to kill opponents from long to medium range. Meanwhile, the M416 is an ideal choice as a weapon for snooping and controlling the game.

2. AWM

If we talk about the rifle type sniper best in PUBG game mobile, AWM is the answer. This weapon is present in the game for aggressive players. Even so, getting this weapon is never easy even if you do loot in a certain area. The reason is, AWM is not a weapon that must be used by players who do this push in.

3. S1897

Then there is the S1897, a weapon that can be said to have become part of PUBG mobile since a long time ago. The optimal range for target shooting with this weapon is between 8 to 15 meters. An easy way to do this is to practice often, namely by standing at that optimal distance and waiting for the enemy to arrive.

4. M24

Another very popular weapon in PUBG mobilei.e. rifle sniper M24. In order to use it properly, you just need to practice a lot and get used to it. Try using M24 in the area deathmatch and you will be more skilled in using this weapon in the next few moments.

5. UMP45

The UMP45 has good attack power compared to similar weapons of the S1897. However, the constraint of this weapon is distance. So, you have to be able to estimate well and be in an effective range and close to the enemy to be able to use UMP45.

6. R1895

The R1895 is a weapon that can be considered very difficult to use. However, you can hit the head and kill your opponent directly with this gun. Unfortunately, hitting the body with the R1895 won’t kill an opponent quickly if they have a shotgun. Again, you need to practice using this weapon in practice mode and deathmatch.

PUBG Mobile Guide: Tips and Tricks to Survive and Win Royal Battle

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For new players, it is necessary to understand that PUBG is a game with the main goal of surviving to the end of 100 people who participate in any way. However, what your strategy will be, maybe you need to know first PUBG mobile guide basis, namely:

1. Choose Landing Place Carefully

You can play for a long time in the PUBG game, or even just a few seconds if an error occurs while playing. One of the reasons the game ends early is choosing the wrong place to land. All players, including you, will definitely aim for a landing spot with lots of armor and avoid other players if possible. So, always choose where to land carefully.

2. Loot First, Just Fight

After landing, make sure you do loot before fighting. Loot the most important in the early stages are weapons, ammunition, some decent armor, and upgrading the backpack to level 3. Apart from that, armor is also important so that you can take more hits in a firefight. Then, items Health is also a priority. A first aid kit is better, but bandages, painkillers, and the like will help in an emergency.

3. Always Pay Attention to the Map

PUBG mobile guide Next is to pay attention to the map while playing. Granted, it takes a few games to learn the layout of certain areas of the PUBG map, let alone thoroughly. However, when you finally get used to the landscape, make sure you always pay attention and keep an eye on the diminishing play area. The only safe area in PUBG is inside “The Circle”. This circle will start to shrink at certain times during the game. If you stay out too long, you will die.

4. Vehicles Are Always Better Than Walking

Want to travel somewhere faster? Of course using a vehicle is much better than walking. You will find many vehicles near big cities. However, always remember, there are 99 other players who are also targeting this one thing. So, make sure you are in a safe position before taking it.

5. Communication with Team

PUBG is a very exciting and thrilling game when played with friends. You can determine the best strategy to win, but make sure communication with the team is maintained because that is the key. In fact, by playing in team mode, you have the opportunity to survive even if you have been killed. Unlike when playing alone, when killed, you instantly game over.

Make sure you understand everything PUBG mobile guide was good to be able to win the match. To make the game more exciting, you can top up vouchers PUBG game on UniPin. You can choose the nominal top up more flexibility and pay the way you like. Have a nice play!

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