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9 Best Mobile Legend Emblems to Win the Battle

Entering its fifth year since its launch in 2022, Mobile Legend is still one of the most popular games. MOBA genre game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) offers its own charm and challenge, so many players are vying to win the battle.

To be able to win, a player must not only focus on the strength of the Hero, but also the selection of emblems. Mobile Legend Emblem itself is a feature that can give additional points or power status for the Hero. When you can choose an emblem that matches the Hero, the effect given can increase the potential to win and increase the player’s basic stats.

9 Best Mobile Legend Emblems to Win the Battle
When starting the Mobile Legend game, each player is required to choose one of the ‘Avatar’ heroes to use. Of these many heroes, there are some that can be directly played for free, but some have to be purchased with diamonds. Each Hero comes with different characteristics, and has at least 4 skillswhich is 3 skills active and one skills passive. Throughout the game, you can add or increase the status of the Hero by using or utilizing emblems. The Emblem itself is an automatic feature that can be used to increase the Hero’s basic stats. Mobile Legend Emblem Function this is nothing but to add points or strength status from the Hero so that later they can win the match.

Therefore, to choose it should not be original. Of the 9 available emblems, you have to choose the one that matches role Hero in order to give maximum power effect.

Mobile legend emblem function
There are at least 9 types of emblems that you can use. Of the 9 available emblems, two of them can be used immediately from the start of the game, while others are when you reach a certain level. This emblem can be obtained by using diamonds or magic dust. Here 9 Types of Mobile Legend Emblems what you need to know in order to win the game.

1. Physical

Considering the main focus of this emblem is to give additional strength to the physical attack and armor, then it is perfect for those of you who often play as Physical Hero. Although in fact, this emblem is quite universal and can be used by many heroes, especially Assassins, Marksman, and Fighter. Not only that, this emblem also has the main talents, namely Open Fire and Life Drain, which will help provide additional strength.

2. Magic

You could say, this type of emblem is very suitable for player beginner. The reason is, this is a type of emblem that can be used directly from the first time the game is downloaded. Generally, this will work better if you use a Mage-type Hero character. From it, the Hero can get additional powers in the form of; Magic PowerMana, HP, HP Regen, and Cooldown Reduction. Not only that, there are also 6 talents in this emblem set, namely; Vitality, Awaken, Desire, Flow, Energy, and Observation.

3. Tanks

For those of you who often use Hero Tanks, the use of this emblem can be maximized. Not only because it offers additional stats that are quite varied and flexible, but it is also an emblem made specifically for Tank-type heroes. Therefore, even though it can actually be applied to Hero Support and Fighter, its presence is somewhat less popular outside of Hero Tanks.

4. Jungle

If you are a player who likes to playjungle, this emblem set is very suitable for use. None other than, because this emblem tends to focus more on searching goldso it will be very easy when jungle jungle monsters. This emblem set itself has 3 main talents, including; Veteran Hunter, Mage Killer, and Wild Power. In addition, there are also several other talents, such as; Brutal, Balance, Thrill, Knowledge, Iron, and Swift. In general, this emblem is basically not too bad when used to upgrade damage on heroes.

5. Assassin

As the name implies, this emblem is very suitable to be applied to Hero Assassin. Although in fact, it can also be used on several other heroes, such as Marksman and Fighter. That said, this emblem set has a much greater effect than the others, because there are talents that cannot be underestimated. With the Assassin’s Emblem, you can get additional powers in the form of Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, Critical Chance, and Movement Speed.

6. Mage

For those of you who want to focus on playing the Hero Mage character, there’s nothing wrong if you continue to improve this emblem set. Especially, Mobile Legend Emblem This store holds a variety of strong talents that are a pity to miss. Call it Magic worship, Mystery Shop, Impure Rage, Mastery, Catastrophe, and many more. When compared to Emblem Magic, Mage tends to be more specific with various additional powers. With it, you can get magic power, Magical Penetration, Magical Lifestealand Movement Speed.

7. Fighter

To be able to win the match, of course you have to have a strong Hero, right? Therefore, this emblem set must be improved. Especially for those of you who use Hero Fighter, it is highly recommended to use this emblem set. with him, player can not only add Physical Attackbut also Physical Penetrations, Physical Defense, and HP. The talent offered is also quite capable of strengthening the Hero.

8. Support

This type of emblem is actually more suitable for full support because it offers a variety of pretty good effects. At least, with it, you can increase stats in the form of Hybrid Penetrations, Hybrid Regen, Movement SpeedCDs, and HP. Player You can also use Talent, such as Avarice, Pull Yourself Together, and Focusing Mark.

9. Marksman

For Marksman players, there’s nothing wrong with always improving this emblem set. With it, you can add Attack Speed, Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, Critical Chance, and Physical Lifesteal which is useful for improving damage output. As for the main talents, in the form of Weakness Finder, Electro Flash, and Weapon Master. That’s a glimpse of the Mobile Legend Emblem guide that should be known. It is very important to be able to choose the right emblem, so that the Hero can compete better and maximally. It’s not enough to stop there, you also have to know how to upgrade the Mobile Legend Emblem in order to increase the Hero status. One way is to buy diamonds at UniPin. A service provider Online Games Payment which offers a fast, easy, and inexpensive process. Here, you even have the opportunity to get various promos, vouchersand cashback.

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