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Want to Play Android Games on PC? Here's How

Played games on mobile phones has become a hobby for some people, both children and adults. Whenever and wherever, everyone who has a cell phone can fill their spare time by playing games his favorite.

Not just for hobbies or fun, online game can also be contested. This sport is called e-sports. There are many players games on line who made this hobby a profession. They train to participate in tournaments that are often held nationally and internationally.

The Fun of Playing Android Games on PC

how to play android games on pc

Playing trend games Android is growing along with the increasing number of types games which can be played. Not only that, games which was originally played on mobile phones can now also be played on PC.

How to play Android games on PC? Previously, know what are the reasons for choosing to play games on PC instead of the following phones.

Wider Screen Display

One of the most striking differences between a mobile phone and a PC is the screen size. The PC screen is wider than the phone screen so it’s more comfortable to look at. Especially if there are certain details in games, it will be easier for you to pay attention to it. If you have vision problems, the wide screen will help you to see clearly.

More Complete Playing Devices

To play games on mobile, you can directly touch the screen. Unlike the case on PC, there are various tools that can help you to play games, such as gamepad, keyboardand mouse. In some games, the presence of this equipment can affect the chances of winning. No wonder some gamers prefer to play on PC.

Free from Notifications

Another advantage that you can enjoy when playing games on a PC is being free from cellphone notifications. Usually, mobile phones display notifications, both in the form of display and sound. These notifications can interfere with concentration or inner appearance gameplayespecially when the game is exciting.

Not Afraid to Run Out of Power

To be able to use, the PC is always connected to a power source. This means that you can continue to use the device as long as resources are available. So, if you play gamesno need to worry about running out of battery so that the game stops.

More Accurate Target

Because using mouse to designate the target to be achieved, play games on the PC is usually more convenient. In addition, the results of the game are more satisfying because the intended target is more accurate. It’s different when you use your thumb on the phone screen.

How to Play Android Games on PC with Emulator

how to play android games on pc without emulator

Due to these various reasons, some people also use PCs to play games. Then, how to play games Android on PC? What are the things that need to be done?

Basically, games Android is an application intended for use on mobile phones. So that this application can be run on a PC, you can install an Android emulator. There are many types of emulators that can be found on the internet.

You can choose the most suitable application. One example is BlueStacks. This application is considered the best because it offers several advantages, such as small size, good performance, and good graphics quality.

Come on, see the following steps so you can play games Android on PC with BlueStacks emulator.

1. Make sure the PC specifications match

Before installing the BlueStacks emulator on a PC, it’s a good idea to make sure the PC you are going to use meets the specifications. The main requirements include using Windows 7/8/10 OS, Intel/AMD Processor, 2 GB RAM, 5 GB free hard disk space, and using the latest graphics drivers.

2. Download and Install BlueStacks

Download the BlueStacks emulator on the official website, Then, click the Install Now button. If the process install is complete, you will see the Welcome to BlueStacks notification display. The next step is to do sign in Google account.

3. Select the Game You Want to Play

After logging into your Google account, you will be directed to the Play Store. Here, you can search for apps games that you want to play. Download and install games on the PC to play it.

4. Set Game Controls

If games already installed on the PC, you can do settings to control the game. Actually, you can also use the default from BlueStacks. However, if you want to settings the game is more suited to your needs, you can set it yourself.

Remix OS Emulator to Play Android Games on PC

play android games on pc

Besides BlueStacks, you can also use the Remix OS emulator. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Download Remix OS Player from the official website which is 688 MB in size. Once done, install Remix OS Player on the PC.
  • You can choose install by default or Advance settings.
  • Perform the installation on the PC. The process usually takes a long time, which is about 15 minutes. Wait for it to finish.

Even if you use the Remix OS application, you no longer need to do restart PC if you want to use Windows OS. There is a newer variant of this application which can be run like any other Windows application. However, you can still access the Google Play Store and install games popular to play.

Before installing the Remix OS application, you must first ensure that the PC specifications are appropriate, namely the Intel Core i5/i7 Processor or a minimum of Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM or higher, Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems, storage 16GB (8GB minimum).

Well, you can choose to use BlueStacks or Remix OS as an emulator to play games Android on PC. Adjust to the needs and specifications of the PC used. After installing the emulator, you can play games smoothly on PC every time. Interesting right?

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